AAs for Master Chief straight away?

When Master Chief wakes up from cyro (which he obliviously has already) will he be able to access AAs straight away? since he’s only a SPARTAN-II, won’t his armour have to be updated to access them? and it makes sense because in Reach they had AAs but they were all SPARTAN-IIIs and in Halo 1,2 and 3 Master Chief didn’t have AA’s because he was only a Spartan-II? I’m not too certain…lolz

He’ll probably get some on Requiem.


I believe that the reason noble team had AA’s is because they were wearing smaller versions of mjolnir mark vi prototype armor variants, if thats the case then master chief could’ve had them since Halo 2, however the AA’s may have had problems with them being implemented into Spartan II suits or some of them malfunctioned (i.e armor lock thats how they’ll clear up getting rid of it probably) so they may have had to be modified to fit into spartan II mjolnir variants.

I’m not entirely sure, but thats my idea of how it works.

I’m fairly sure I seen something stating that Cortana has updated MC’s firmware, not sure tho.