AA revenant

I got this idea from another thread and thought it might be ineresting in halo 4. What would you think about an anti air revenant? Instead of it’s mortar, it has a heavy needler or a fuel rod gun(AA wraith anyone?). Although I think this could only be added if the rocket hog has made the cut for halo 4.

As long as it’s gun isn’t weak (the Reach rocket hog was weak, the Revenant mortar was weak), I don’t really mind.

Heavy needler sounds best though.

Idk about a fuel rod gun on the revenant,and needler guns on it sounds even worse, the mortar however should be upgraded, as of right now it’s a total let down.

Heavy Needler. Such weaponry worked well for Halo Wars’s vehicles.

Heavy needler sounds awesome, and it’s supported by the canon; there’s needler turrets that fire banshee-sized projectiles in the book First Strike. I’d love to see a covenant group vehicle with a needle turret.

was the idea from the ‘covanant power weapon ideas’ thread?

slightly off topic but since we’re talking about different vehicle varients why not have a flamethrower hog
it fires streams of flames into the air that break into the ordanary flames