AA or no AA

I’ve seen a lot of threads saying AA shouldn’t be in halo 4 and AA break maps and stuff. While on the other side there are threads telling us to give 343i a chance, or they’ll be tweaked and balanced. But I want to know who is the majority, personally I don’t mind AA but what do you think?
WHOA, something happened to the “Armour Abilities shouldn’t be in halo 4” sorry. in it’s absence "either way will now be “Armour Abilities shouldn’t be in halo 4”

343I doesn’t care so why should we. Thus, my answer is IDK.

Haha, I guess it was just an error, but I lol’d when I saw no option for AA’s not being in the game. I thought maybe you were sticking it to the man.

So I’m the first one to vote for the “either way it’s fine with or without” option?

Just to clarify I don’t mind Armour Abilities, but they most certainly don’t need to be in any Halo title for it to be Halo, it’s just something that spices up the gameplay. So whatever’s good, y’know?

> 343I doesn’t care so why should we. Thus, my answer is IDK.

  1. 343 does care.

  2. The natural evolution of equipment was AA’s.

  3. If its balanced properly OP, they shouldn’t be a problem.

I think AA’s are good (if balanced) but I don’t think they are a necessity.

I would love halo 4 whether or not AA’s were in the game.

If you’re looking for a consensus, you’ve come to the wrong place buddy. These forums are wild things. Like a wild rattata. About as harmless, too (I mean, unless it knows hyper fang. Or is it super fang?).

I say yes to armor abilities. My thinking is that 343 Industries clearly gets the nostalgic classics vibe. They commissioned and published a Halo: CE HD remake, how could they possibly not get it? They know that Halo ought always have a special place for the grognards that want to duke it out with their old school fisticuffs. That’s why Reach has that, now. Halo 4 almost certainly will too.

But what about everyone else? They could sure use something fun and fresh to play. It’s better for pleasing the masses to create armor abilities and institute them in most gametypes while leaving some playlists “classics,” then to not make armor abilities and say “well… the old guard said we couldn’t do it or it’d ruin Halo!”

So let 'em have their armor abilities. The only thing I’ve ever begrudged armor abilities is that you can’t identify that somebody has them as easily as you can identify what weapons a person is carrying. Otherwise they represent a great tactical and strategic element to the game. In theory. Reach had some bad ones.