Aa issue

Ok so I have to comment here.

I think I speak for many when I say that we don’t want aa’s.

It’s not because it is or is not halo.
It’s not because it’s balanced or not with aa’s.
It’s not because of cannon.
It’s only for the very simple fact that we don’t find aa’s enjoyable.

I like the game without them. It is more fun to me.

That is the end of my argument really. Yes it is an opinion but one that I think many share.m.

And yes I hate sprint. I want the old halo style back. I don’t want to play the old games becAuse I want new maps and new graphics and I love the dmr.

So in conclusion. Please 343 bring back the halo that I and many others love for the simple reason that we just did like them.


One of the best AA issue post I’ve read. Even though I have no problem with AA’s I can agree with you. I still enjoy all old gameplay.

I Disagree, AAs are fun to use with the exception of some (armor lock , hologram). In my opinion the only con I can think about AAs is when the enemy team abuses them it’s very annoying , wrong and does not feel like Halo at all.

It’s just as annoying as equipments being abused by noobs.

Your name makes me think about this song :stuck_out_tongue:. Don’t know if you like Metalcore but there ya go heh.

Anyways there have been many valid arguments concerning AAs and I feel that many people now get it and don’t expect AAs in Halo 4. And for the ones who like AAs will always have Reach so it should all work out. They killed most of the maps because all of them were designed to house AA specific gameplay. Literally Reach was built around the concept of AAs and that is what pissed off many.

A sensible post. I agree completely.

I hate AAs, always will. Reach is different, and it will always have AAs. I understand that. But I think people need to understand that Halo 4 is not a sequel to Reach, it’s a sequel to Halo 3.

And I find it hypocritical that many AA supporters bash anti-AA people by saying “you just want Halo 3.5”, yet they themselves want Reach 1.5. But back on topic: Reach will always be there for those that want it, but Halo 4 should return to the trilogy, and work from there.

Halo 4 should be Halo 4 but with the core of halo’s gameplay

Thanks for the feedback guys. Wow. Even the one who disagreed remained calm and respectful and gave a thoughtful rebuttal. Why can’t we just all do this on these forums.

I will listen to the song later. im in school and from the cover it seems like it would interrupt many in this library. haha.

I respect your opinion and I agree. When it comes to AA’s in Halo 4 (though I enjoy them), I rather have something new. After all, it might be a sequel but it is also the start of a new trilogy. 343 can could go ahead and add something new that could freshen up the series as long as it doesn’t completely alter the formula.