A word to the moderators

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Anyone else notice how fail the moderators are? Are you seriously only locking threads that complain about 343i not having a ranking system? How much more ignorant can mods be!?!

A word to all of you. If you all had respect for free speech and fans voicing their frustration over the failure of a game that 343i has made then you would allow us to post what we believe as problems with the game. Thanks a lot mods. You just showed how much this corporation values its fans.

343i lost a fan today. And yeah, I’ll be flamed and locked for this, but IDGAF because I know there are countless others who are feeling the same way about this game as I do.

Probably going to get locked for this too because of how I attacked the moderators and how “there is no discussion to be had here”. THERE’S ALWAYS A DISCUSSION TO BE HAD YOU IMMATURE FOOLS.