a weird lag that can not fix

I’ve been playing and me is almost impossible to kill, I feel the bullets, beatings, pomegranates do not cause the same damage as the others, just as I can not dodge bullets passing through the wall and kill me, the worst thing is that it takes vuscar enough in a game and start it, it freezes for 10 seconds.
The lag problem is not on my part, since sometimes the same latency perfect game, but only lasts a week, just at the end of each month; after the monthly update everything becomes chaotic back and getting worse

Welcome to the club … 343 know about it and how it can be fixed do they don’t care !

The lag in Halo 5 is horrible for me. Nearly every game I get some BS gunfight where the enemy teleport strafes and eats bullets on a red ridicule to his neck or I drop a ton of frames and die instantly. I hate these servers. Most BS deaths I have had in a Halo game.