A wee proposition tae the Maisters a' Haily 5

Dear Haily 5 companions and server Maisters,

As a Scot, the lifestyle of 24-hour culture can sometimes be lost on me. Aye, I dae live in that humble city a’ Glasgae and the lights are mare bright in the twilight than they are in Brigadoon and ‘ere villages aw the Kailyard, but you still will’nae find a 24-hoor shop open other than a petrol station (after aboot 10pm, access to said station shop is restricted and every consumer is presumed tae be a relative a’ Robin Hood!)

So a was awfa liking this whole Haily 5 business. When’er a want tae shoot some a ma fellow humans, I turn on ma Logievision and ma xbone. 24-hour culture at last, HAHA! But wait 'ere a mein… Fir the past couple a weeks, a hiv’nae been able tae connect late at night. Instead am greeted by a terrible message that causes great disturbance in ma breeks:


This is something that ma fella brethren and sistren 'ave been dealing wi fir a wee while noo. After midnight, Haily 5 seems tae shut down! Naebody is behind the coonter! And noo am back to envying ma American cousins who can play Haily 5 24 hoors a day!

So am proposing we formalise this arrangement:

Americans get full access tae aw a Haily 5’s online features fir 24 hoors a day;
Everybody else can sign in between the hoors a 10 in the morning and 11 thirty at night.

That way at least us unlucky, jingoistically-challenged neigh 'ere we stand and dinnae get given false impressions aboot err consumer rights!

I’m proposing that we just formalise this whole ‘non-Americans only get to play during peak times of the day due to regional locks’ by creating actual opening times like a shop.

I feel this would be a far more accurate and hono(u)rable portrayal of what it’s like to be a non-American playing** Halo 5 during unconventional/off-peak times.

As it stands, it feels a bit like discrimination: you’re not in America, therefore, your connection is crap so we’re not even going to try and match you with people outside your timezone. This is also completely unfair on those who work unconventional hours. So let’s just have opening times to save grief.***

  • meaning ‘tae Scots; dinnae read’
    ** By playing, I mean the mini game where you have to keep restarting the server search every 5-10 minutes, for 10 times in a row, until you quit after 2 hours because it keeps saying ‘Unable to Match’ across 3 playlists (arena and warzone).
    *** I’m, as we say here, ‘taking the mickey’

I’m with you on this subject and think that they need to either completely remove region lock or allow players to choose the region.
I’m suffering here in Saudi Arabia too.

Good post, Australia is nearly as bad, I can find arena and slayer and standard warzone but nothing else, I like FFA but can’t ever find a game, unfortunate and frustraiting when we pay for a full game and get half a game!