A weapon coating is not worth a week’s challenge grind

I’m truly getting sick of these pathetic weekly ultimate rewards. There such a big opportunity 343 is missing out on here by not awarding people with actual armor pieces or armor coatings that they could wear in game to show off their dedication.

I mean Jesus, how often are you actually playing with a bulldog?! It’s just not worth it. How often do you notice someone’s armor emblem?! Like never! Cmon 343 get it together. Do better.

Like how cool would it have been to have this weeks ultimate reward be the firefall helmet?! It would have been awesome! So worth the grind! But no. Instead they charge us $7 for that an toss us a piddly Bulldog coating or the same washed emblem for the fourth time (which is what next weeks ultimate will be. The final sacrifice emblem)

I disagree. I spent about 4-5 hours of playing specifically to unlock the ultimate reward and think its fine. The emblems are a bit of a stretch but a weapon coating is good. Also, I play with the bulldog quite a bit. :slight_smile:

This and the Sniper Rifle coating are the only good rewards we’ve had in the two and a half months this games been out so I cant complain this week

I don’t think they’re “good” though. Like they’re ok? They’d be ”good” if it unlocked that same coating for ALL unsc weapons. That would be worth it.

We should be getting better items for the weekly grind. Kinda sad how people are so willing to settle for less when the challenge system is so bad to begin with.

A weapon coating and 1 of my challenges is “complete 6 ranked match” .
Sorry, not going to play ranked anymore until a lot of issues with ranked are fixed or at least improved. Its not a question of challenge swaps, i have 26 left, but im not going to use it.
So this week i stop grinding for the weekly reward.

Maybe playing a few quickplay matches until next tuesday but not more.

I’d grind for it if I liked the weapon skin… But I don’t, so I’m not going to bother…