A way to fix spawn killing

There are several people that agree that spawning needs fixing and people are sick of being spawn killed.


Alter the respawn settings to allow players to be invincible for 5 seconds after respawn, that’ll give people enough time to run without being killed or kill the person attempting to spawn kill.

If this were to be implemented spawn killing would be a thing of the past and games would easily be more competitive.

Ive played games with that and it -Yoinks!- up gameplay alot.

Only if you die 5 times in a row without kills.

If you get spawn killed you either let the enemy too far into your base or they are pro at spawn prediction. Adding mw2’s painkiller is a really bad idea and would noob the game up, ruin multikills and slow down gameplay, since everytime you enter the enemy side of the map there could be an invincible guy coming around the corner.

A good way to stop spawn killing is not sucking at the game and thoughtful spawn placement.