A way to access H3 & Reach Screenshots?

ey guys, just a quick question. I want to take screenshots from H3 and Reach (maybe ODST) and use them for avatar.

However with Bungie.net not updating screenshots anymore (I don’t think) is there a way I can still upload them to my PC?

Will they be featured on Waypoint or are we unable to see our taken screenshots on our computer?

From what i can gather, the ability to get screenshots and render clips from Halo 3, ODST and Reach is gone forever. The file browser interface for Reach will come online sometime this summer but thats it.

The web browser based file share will be back this summer, for Reach, and Reach only, older games have been put on the back burner for now.
Render video will not be returning to the file share, Bungie didn’t share the coding to make it work with 343i, so Reach and older games will not see it, maybe for Halo 4, but we haven’t heard any thing yet.