A way the UNSC can be in Halo 4

I was just thinking how the Chief would be able to access human weaponry. Then it struck me, what if the Chief made contact with the crew of The Spirit of Fire? That could be a possibility.

Off Topic: I still don’t understand how chief found a way into Fable 2’s universe from some type of interdimensional crossover that “supposedly” happened after the events of Halo 3 from reading the desc. of Hal’s armor, its either that or its some other spartan who happened to be clad in green armor. anybody know about this?

iverseIts armour it has nothing to do with the halo story O__o

? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY FIRST WORD WAS LOL i mean its just his armour :stuck_out_tongue:

Look we don’t know and this is just one of the reasons why we need releases because the theories drown out the facts You do have a point but for all we know it could the the death star from star wars.

but the desc said: a hero clad in green armor wielding a sword of light blah blah blah left behind his armor. which means he wuz there at sum point, nvm i’m dwelling on things, wrong thread anyways :3

yes, please keep the thread on the topic at hand! :slight_smile: