A Virtual Duck's Halo 5 Script-Complete

Halo 5

This is the Halo 5 script I thought up today. This is the Prologue.

The screen stays black throughout the whole thing. The Tranmission data is read by “The Operator”.

Operator: UNSC Infinity: Data Transmission Report 38AH-ONI HQ Receiving
Operator: Message Reads
Captain Lasky: ONI, it’s Captain Lasky. Doctor Halsey has been reported as a Covenant sympathiser with a Covenant anarchist leader known as Jul M’dama. Me, well I don’t believe it, but the UNSC doesn’t take chances. Get me Osman. Now.
Operator: Connecting you now, sir.

End Scene

Part II

The deck of the Infinity, where Lasky spoke to Master Chief at the end of Halo 4*. The lights are out. A Halo ring, Installation 03, can be seen outside of the window.*
Footsteps, obviously a Spartan’s, can be heard quietly in the background.
Cut to: The view now focuses from the other end of the room. A Spartan can be seen through the darkness. The lights come on, slowly, flickering as if slightly underused. Now we can see the armour of the Spartan, revealing it to be Spartan Thorne of Majestic.
Cut to: The shot moves to him walking towards the window. It then cuts to the view from just inside the window at his visor. His face can be seen inside as a dark outline. He removes his helmet. However, for new player perspective purposes, the screen cuts to black just before it comes over his mouth.

Cut To Black

This next part is Mission One’s introductive cutscene.

Mission Name: Impact

The Infinity is preparing landing shuttles for peaceful entry of Installation 03 when a massive explosion tears open the engine hull and surrounding ship. The view immediately cuts to a shot of the back of the vessel breaking away from the front, then a shot of a pelican’s wing being smashed off by debris. Master Chief was on that pelican. For story reasons, it is unknown what caused the explosion.

Marine One: What was that?

Debris impacts, killing two marines including the one that asked the question, and smashing Master Chief into the door to the cockpit, breaking his shields. The shot cuts to the pelican falling speedily and vertically with one engine on fire. The vehicle is spinning. The Warthog the pelican was carrying flies off and hits the “view” shooting it back to the cabin.

Marine Two: Holy hell!

Master Chief: Looks like the pilot’s dead. I’m going to try to guide us down.

Temporary AI: Affirmative. Generating Third-Person simulation view now.

Marine Three: Was that Infinity?

Marine Four: Does that matter, -Yoink-? If we don’t get down safely, we’re dead.

Temporary AI: Third-Person generated.

Flash White Spontaneously

Fade To Third Person Gameplay Perspective

No Ticket

The player is guiding the fall to Installation 03. He or she must avoid debris and other ships, as well as advantage-taking storm ships.

The player has limited control over flight, but can only fly down, and at a set (high) speed. The player has access to a gun, but it’s only of light calibre.

Soon afterwards, the player will come within 500 game world units (large forge-island is 80, for reference) of the ring, and…

Fade To White

Cutscene shows the pelican breaking atmosphere. One engine breaks off, and the view pans across the ring, and zooms into the pelican. Just before impact, the screen goes black.

Fade In

One Small Step For Man…

The player wakes up, shield meter bleeping, and two Marines are having a conversation. The pelican is crashed on the edge of a cliff, with beautiful scenery reminiscent of Halo from CE.

Marine Three: Those -Yoinks!-! Infinity!

Marine Two: No use getting worked up, Joseph. It’s over now. They either survived, or we’re screwed.

Joseph: Well, that’s easy for you to say.

Marine Two: Shut up, you son of a…

Marine Two is shot brutally by a nearby (hidden) Elite, straight to the face. Joseph screams.

Joseph: Agh! Oh god! Stay back!

The Elite grabs Joseph by the neck.

Joseph: No! Please, have mercy!

Chief jumps up, and in a first person cutscene stabs the Elite in the head, before throwing it off a cliff. A banshee flies overhead, showering him with fire. His shields drop.

Master Chief: We need to move.

Joseph: Negative sir. I’ll stay here and try to establish a connection to Infinity. The pelican has emergency fortifications, so I’ll just lock myself inside.

Master Chief: Acknowledged, Marine. Radio me if you get a connection. I need to talk to Lasky.

End Cutscene, begin gameplay FPS

The OST is sad here. Debris litters the planet, and a great hunk of Infinity’s Engines can be seen lying below, off the cliff. A large amount of enemies swarm the pelican on Heroic/Legendary, and on Normal/Easy, a short walkthrough of controls is shown before an elite patrols, instead of a swarm.

After fighting through canyon after canyon, Master Chief eventually arrives at a forerunner transport system. His temporary AI tells him.

Temporary AI: That tower is part of the transportation system on Installation 03. You might find a vehicle there.

After fighting through some low-levelled covenant, a few green prometheans materialise. But a short fight later and you’re taking the portal to the garage.

Temporary AI: A Gyrolocator! This is a very useful asset.

Master Chief: Can it help us reach somewhere to contact Infinity?

Temporary AI: Of course. Detailing the driving instructions to your HUD now.

The Gyrolocator is a tron-like bike, that has blue lights and a forerunner design. Opening the shield to access it ends the mission.

Achievement worth 15G.

Special Achievement: Canyon Defence 10G

Kill every enemy in any one canyon on Impact.

That’s the end of my first part of the Halo 5 campaign! I hope you liked it!

Mission Two: Installation

Shot of Master Chief pressing the button in first person.

Drive Time

Temporary AI: The Gyrolocator has a teleportation ability.

On-Screen Command: Press LT to teleport forward

Temporary AI: Setting a waypoint for a satellite relay.

The player drives through a series of empty canyons. Wildlife such as rabbits and elk (or similar) are nearby. (I though Halo needed a break during one mission.) At one point, a cruiser flies overhead.

Eventually, Master Chief reaches the satellite relay. There are no contacts nearby. He dismounts and enters a grav lift to the door platform.

Temporary AI: The door is over there.

The player opens the door, revealing a dark corridor like those on Forerunner. A cutscene ensues.

Pan to: A frontal view of Chief taking out his WEAPON. Whatever he had. Yes, that’s right.

Cut to: Behind Master Chief, the door slides shut.

Temporary AI: Contacts! Unidentified species, last encountered by Spartan 117 on Installation 04.

Master Chief: The flood!

Unidentified Radio Transmission: This is Forward Guard Charlie! We’re under attack from all sides! They aren’t covenant! To anyone who can hear me, please, send help!

Cut to: A frontal view of Master Chief running, and two flood tanks drop from the ceiling behind him. A door closes in front of Chief, locking him in the room.

Forward Guard Charlie: Aagh!

Master Chief: This is Spartan 117. Help is inbound.

Flash White, Fade In FPS

There is a Forerunner ammo case on the wall containing some semi-powerful weapons. After fighting the mini-bosses, the door behind Chief opens, and three waves of flood stream through. At the end, the player is directed to a waypoint. Cutscene in first person ensues Through a door, they find Forward Guard Charlie’s final remaining survivor, who is bleeding profusely from a wound on his side.

Cut to: Face view of survivor.

Survivor: Go. Leave me.

Cut to: Face view of Master Chief.

Master Chief: I can’t do that.

Cut to: Face view of survivor.

Survivor: You think I can survive a wound from those filthy creatures? Gestures to rotting flood corpses Satan himself couldn’t have built a more terrible plague. If you want to help me, finish me off.

Cut to: Face view of Master Chief.

Master Chief: I’m sorry.

A flash of light from a pistol lights up his visor. He backs away, as suddenly he is surrounded by flood.
Fade To White, Begin FPS
Master Chief: How do we reach the relay?
Temporary AI: There’s a light bridge above us. Crossing that will give us access to the relay controls. That’ll give us a connection to Infinity.
*After fighting through several “343 Guilty Spark” like corridors, the light bridge is reached. But when Chief is halfway across, it turns red, shorting out. In a shot First Person Vignette, he crashes to the floor, breaking his shields. *
Temporary AI: Covenant inbound. Promethean defence teams detected retaliating. They aren’t connected to the ones on Requiem, so prepare for a multi-sided battle.
The player must fight through the exact same corridors, except this time, Green Prometheans, The Covenant, The Flood, and Master Chief are all in one battle. Upon reaching the light bridge, pressing the controls switches it back on, but also lets two hunters into the crowded room. They cross the lightbridge and engage Chief. Crossing the bridge reveals an elevator. Interacting with it brings it to the top of the Relay Tower.
At the top, the player must engage Green Prometheans and some Covenant, as well as two Flood Tanks to proceed. Upon clearing the room, a waypoint is marked on the console. The room is laid out like that of the towers on “The Covenant” in Halo 3.
Hold X to open the Relay Channel
A cutscene ensues.
Fade To White, Fade In
Master Chief is shown from the side typing into the console. He then calls out.
Master Chief: Infinity, do you read? _
Radio, Captain Lasky: We read you, Chief. It’s like hell up here.
Master Chief: The flood are active on the ring. But it wasn’t them that set off the energy pulse that blew Infinity’s engines.
Radio, Captain Lasky: Well who the hell was it, 117? I have a half-destroyed ship to run, so we’re not exactly in a position to do any research.
Master Chief: It was the Halo’s built in defence systems. But I’m willing to bet there’s someone behind it.
Radio, Captain Lasky: Well then, that’s your job. Look for a Library or other important Forerunner structure. A ring can’t run itself.
Master Chief: Affirmative, sir.
Radio, Captain Lasky: I’ve downloaded a permanent AI to your suit. It’s Roland, so he will frequently be able to sympathise with Infinity’s radio frequencies and download data.
Flashback across the screen</em>
Cortana, whispered (From Midnight, Halo 4: I’ll always take care of you…_</em>
Master Chief: Sharp Breath
Radio, Captain Lasky: Infinity Out.
Infinity cuts connection
Master Chief collapses against the console. A flood human form is creeping up behind him.
Cut To Black
Achievement worth 20G
Special Achievement: Perform a three second jump in the Gyrolocator. 30G
That’s the end of Mission Two, Installation.

Mission Three: 049 Abject Testament

A first person cutscene begins. The flood form that was standing over Master Chief in Mission Two smashes his face with the flood talon, breaking Chief’s shields. As Master Chief scrambles for his AR, 049 Abject Testament shoots a red laser at the flood.

Abject Testament: The flood have returned, it seems. Reclaimer, we must deal with the parasite before it spreads off the ring.

Master Chief: What…Guilty Spark?

Abject Testament: My name is 049 Abject Testament. I am this ring’s monitor.

Roland: I don’t trust Forerunner machinery, regardless of whether they have a fancy name. I remember what happened on Requiem.

Abject Testament: What happened on the shield world is of no importance. The Flood are active, the Covenant are on a Halo, most likely on their way to fire it, and the UNSC wants to establish their presence on my Installation. We have far more important things to do than discuss mundane worlds far from the Halo rings.

Roland: So why attack Infinity?

Abject Testament: That was the automated defences, not me. This ring is not familiar with your type, and Infinity did not display the correct peaceful radio signal to allow entry.

Roland: Whoa, slow down. Why was the UNSC not attacked when they took the Composer from the ring to Ivanoff?

Abject Testament: Ivanoff broadcast a peace signal to the ring. That was shut down when Ivanoff was destroyed.

Master Chief: So what’s your plan?

Abject Testament: Our first priority is to stop the Covenant, then the Flood. My Prometheans will assist us in these ventures.

Roland: There’s got to be a catch.

Abject Testament: We’ll see.

Fade To White, Fade In to FPS

Halo 03

The player must now navigate the hallways towards the exit, on the other side of the Relay to where they left the Gyrolocator. After a good ten minutes of fighting through Flood and Covenant in the tight corridors, assisted by Abject Testament and the Green Prometheans, the player reaches an elevator. Abject Testament interacts with the console, sending the party of two (with Roland) down.

Master Chief: Down?

Abject Testament: Communication pylons prevent me opening a portal until both have been disabled. The only way to disable them is to destroy their fusion core. That is located at their base.

The elevator has arrived in a vast triangular room, much smaller than Requiem’s core, but visually (from the Elevator) about the same size (minus the covenant cruisers, it’s about as big as a supercarrier’s length). Two beams connect to a sphere in the centre. The sphere and beams are deep blue.

Roland: So how do we get there?

Abject Testament: Luckily, I have a built in short range teleport of about 5 km. I won’t be travelling with you, I’ll be disabling the second beam. It’s up to you to deal with the first.


De ja vu

Roland: Setting a waypoint for the pylon’s building. It’s a hell of a walk, but at least the Prometheans are on our side.

Master Chief: For now.

The player runs through a rocky, bluish area full of conflicting Flood and Covenant. The player must enage several to pass into a large, open corridor. Here a Flood Tank breaks through the wall. After defeating it, you have two options. Either follow the long, open corridor (where you can find a ghost, which takes you to the pylon building at the cost of engaging many enemies and escaping banshees and wraiths), or where the Tank broke the wall, there is a short path to a crashed Flood ship, which you must fight through. It’s about three times as big as that of Floodgate.

Either way, you drop down on (opposite) sides of the pylon building (which is similar to Lockup’s “grav lift building” layout). After defeating every enemy, you interact with a panel to activate the grav lift.

At the top, Chief has a scripted vignette where a beam rifle shot hits him in the gut in mid air, spinning him around and dropping his shields to 15%. When he hits the ground, his shield pops. 2 sniper jackals, 6 elites, and 12 grunts ambush you. A quick elimination, and you reach the fusion core. Shooting the deep blue core enough turns it red, then blows it up. When you blow up the beam, a cutscene begins.

Cut to: Chief standing facing the sphere and other beam, which turn red. 5 seconds later, the other beam shorts out, and the sphere in the centre explodes. The structure around the centre collapses, its wreckage lying across the bottom of the room.

Roland: Wow! That was good.

Master Chief: Roland, can you get me a connection to Infinity?

Roland: Of course. But why?

Master Chief: I might need some better weapons.

Achievement worth 25G

Special Achievement: Score a headshot on a sniper jackal. 25G

That’s the third mission! I hope you enjoyed it!

Mission 4: The Library
Cut to: Frontal view of Chief holding his head radio. The camera pans in different angles throughout the conversation.

Master Chief: This is Spartan 117. Infinity, do you read me?

Radio, Spartan Miller: 117, this is Spartan Miller. What do you need?

Master Chief: Spartan, what’s the condition of Infinity?

Cut To: Miller holding his M6G Magnum in his hand, with a door in the background. Smashed screens litter the floor, and it seems he is the only operative in the room. The door is partially broken, and sparks are shooting out.

Spartan Miller (Live): It’s not looking so good, Chief. I’ve got Crimson on the line, so just tell me what you need.

Master Chief (Radio): I’ve located Installation 03’s Monitor. He claims to be 049 Abject Testament.

Cut to: Master Chief.

Radio, Spartan Miller: Acknowledged.

Roland: We’re looking for the Library of Installation 03. We believe the Covenant are looking to fire the ring.

Radio, Spartan Miller: So you don’t agree with them. I’m dropping some ordnance right in front of you. Watch out, teleporting things in takes a fair bit of energy. Miller out.

A SAW and a Shotgun drop in front of Master Chief. A Portal opens and Abject Testament passes through.

Abject Testament: I’ve converted this Portal to transmit to The Library. Only problem is, it’s Flood controlled. For all I know, there could be a Gravemind in there.

Roland: I knew there was a catch.

Abject Testament: The UNSC had sent recon teams in shortly before the Flood invasion. As well as stopping the Covenant, we’ll have to deal with the Flood and look out for any UNSC personnel.

Master Chief: So how do we stop the Covenant firing the rings?

Abject Testament: Simple. There is a failsafe next to Installation 03’s Index. Activating that will set off a timer. Five minutes later, the entire Library is wiped off the map.

Roland: Am I being thick, or is there no need to stop the Covenant firing the ring? After all, it would slow down the flood.

Abject Testament: I need to protect this Installation. Your Infinity is in orbit of this Installation. Everyone aboard Infinity, as well as us, and all recon teams, would be reduced to ash.

Fade To Black, Enter FPS

The Dead Shall Rise…

After entering the portal, Chief, Roland, and Abject Testament are standing in a hallway. Suddenly, Flood rush out towards them.

Roland: Look out!

Abject Testament: I will await you at the failsafe terminal. Only a Reclaimer or a Forerunner can interact with it, so we cannot proceed until you reach the Index. No teleportation facilities exist inside of The Library, so I cannot assist you with my Prometheans. Only my support sentinels can help.

Abject Testament flies away.

After three “The Library” like levels, with “The Library” elevators, Master Chief reaches a group of three marines fighting the Flood.

Marine One: Agh! Oh god! Stay away!

Marine Two: What the hell are these things?

Marine Three: Hey, a Spartan! Master Chief, over here!

After assisting the three marines, a short run through the remaining corridors reveals Flood and Covenant grappling around the Index. Abject Testament is shooting both sides with his eye laser.

Abject Testament: Absolutely unacceptable!

Roland: Hey floaty! Over here!

A cutscene begins.

Master Chief rushes through the hordes in first person. If the player saved a marine, there are four different variants of the cutscene for marines saved (0, 1, 2, 3). If saved, they shoot through the hordes, and one of them shouts: “We’re outside, sir! We’ll be waiting for you!”

------Cutscene returns to preset variant

Abject Testament shoots out a massive red wave, killing and composing everything around, except Chief, whose shields get knocked out, but he still stands. The camera is entirely First Person, but Chief looks behind him to see both the Marines and the composition. (But the Marines aren’t composed, of course.)
Abject Testament: Of course, we can’t have a fight going on behind us, can we? This is the failsafe. Activate it, and let’s get out of here.
Master Chief activates the big, shiny button.
Abject Testament: My teleportation system has been disabled! There’s no way we can get out of here!
Master Chief: Yes there is. The marines’ Warthog.
Roland: Marking a waypoint.
Fade To White, Fade to FPS
*On the top of the screen, a timer of 5:00 starts ticking down. The door opens to a mountainous path. There are two Warthogs. If any marines survived, the first is in one turret, the second in the other Warthog’s driving seat, and the third in that Hog’s turret. *
Abject Testament: I’ve got a connection! I’ll teleport out, but I can’t bring anyone else due to failsafe protocol. You’re on your own.
Abject Testament teleports out.
Roland: There’s the other catch.
The player must drive to a waypoint 10km away. An explosion breaks out behind Chief after he drives away, blocking off the door. The other Warthog, should the marines have survived, follows.
Rocks drop down onto the path, and occasionally the floor opens, revealing lava and once a volcano shoots up just in front of the Warthog, finishing exactly as you begin the jump. Reaching the waypoint starts the cutscene. Should you fail the timer, the screen goes white and resets the checkpoint.
Master Chief steps out of the Warthog. Two seconds later, the Library explodes, shooting a fireball into the sky. If the marines survived, they pull up behind him, and one shouts: “Whoo whee! That’s a big god -Yoink!- explosion!” A pelican shows up and picks you and them all up, ending the mission.
Achievement worth 30G
Special Achievement: Do a barrel roll! (With the Warthog).
That’s mission 4! Thanks for reading!

Mission 5: Infinity Actual
Cut to: Jul M’dama in his ship’s control room. The camera pans across from left to right. The Elites are subtitles.

Elite Commander: Field Marshall M’dama, news on the human vessel “Infinity”.

Jul M’dama: They will regret what happened on Requiem. What news?

Elite Commander: They are in emergency orbit on one of the sacred rings after the automated defences blew off their engines. We have troops awaiting orders.

Jul M’dama: Commence the invasion. We brought them to their knees when we were on Requiem. Now they have no way to escape.

Elite Commander: But we have more important targets, Field Marshall. The Reclaimer has destroyed the Library…

M’dama stands up, pacing and shouting.

Jul M’dama: WHAT? How could you let that filth destroy an artefact?

Elite Commander: The parasite is active, Marshall! The Flood! Our troops were assaulted inside the Library! I have reports that the Reclaimer is working with an Oracle!

Jul M’dama: Abandon the assault on Infinity. New orders: All troops are to converge and ELIMINATE THE RECLAIMER!

Elite Commander: But…

Jul M’dama: DO AS I SAY!

Elite Commander: Yes, Marshall.

Jul M’dama smashes his hand into a pillar in his ship. A part breaks off, and blue sparks dance around. The Commander leaves.

Fade To Black

Fade In

The pelican is flying towards Infinity. A radio broadcast can be heard.

Radio, Infinity Actual: They’re retreating! Captain Lasky, they’re retreating!

Radio, Captain Lasky: Are you sure?

Radio, Infinity Actual: Positive, sir!

The pelican arrives in a hangar bay. Master Chief exits, followed by some marines. Captain Lasky meets 117.

Captain Lasky: Master Chief, your job isn’t done yet. We’ve got a Broadsword ready in Hangar 101, ready to go. We want you to give chase. Show us where they are going.

Master Chief: Affirmative sir.

Master Chief gets in the Broadsword. The cutscene fades to black.

Fade In Third Person, flying in space.

Right Back At You

The player is facing one more into space. Several space banshees and phantoms are flying around, shooting Infinity.

Radio, Infinity Actual: Give em’ hell, Chief!

"Neutralise"objectives come up on every immediate enemy. After that, another order comes through the radio.

Radio, Infinity Actual: There’s a corvette hanging round that doesn’t seem to be obeying the retreat order. Get on its back and make it leave, Spartan!

The player is designated the glassing port below the corvette. 5 missile salvos, as well as defeating some of the flying enemies, the corvette flies just past Infinity’s broken stern and explodes shortly after.

Radio, Infinity Actual: Success, Captain Lasky!

Radio, Captain Lasky: Well done Chief. Bring er’ home.

Marks waypoint at Hangar 101, and it’s a good 45 second flight, and there are banshees around, as well as some detains to divert. The player must also dodge debris.

Radio, Commander Palmer: Master Chief. I have a few people waiting to meet you.

Roland: Who, Commander?

Radio, Commander Palmer: It’s better as a surprise, Roland.

Radio, Joseph: Master Chief! I just wanted to thank you for what you did on 03.

Master Chief: Marine. It’s good to hear you. You contacted Infinity?

Radio, Joseph: Yes. I couldn’t reach you though. I informed Captain Lasky of your whereabouts, but by then he knew that you were on the Halo.

Master Chief: Returning to Infinity. 117 out.

When the Broadsword reaches the Hangar, a cutscene begins

Master Chief lands the Broadsword slowly and precisely. As he clambers out, he pauses for a second.

The camera pans across the hangar, showing the seven Spartans standing there.

Crimson One: (1st Controller’s Multiplayer Avatar)
Crimson Two (2nd Controller’s Avatar)
Crimson Three (3rd Controller’s Avatar)
Crimson Four (4th Controller’s Avatar)

Technical Note: Should less than four controllers be signed in, the remaining “Crimson” avatars will be randomly generated.

The camera cuts to various angles throughout the cutscene.

Master Chief: Fred. Kelly. Linda. Good to see you, Blue Team. Crimson.

Cut to: Master Chief standing next to the Broadsword, first person.

Fred: Right back at you, Spartan.

Flashback across the screen

Cortana: I am your soul. Distorted speech(Whispered)I’ll never forget you…

Master Chief stumbles as his HUD distorts.

Linda: Chief, you okay?

Master Chief: GruntsI’m fine. RecoveringCaptain Lasky, what’s our mission?

Captain Lasky: Here’s the plan. The Op is codenamed “Breakpoint”.

*A cinematic of Lasky standing over a hologram of the battlefield. It zooms in, and the hologram becomes “real” (concept art). *
Lasky, Cinematic: You’ll be divided into four teams for a storm on a Covenant stronghold. They’re starting to get back on their feet after 117 destroyed The Library, so this is our chance to bring them down.
Crimson One and Two, you’re Red Team. You’re going in as a distraction. You’ll be given scorpion tanks with prototype shields, and going in through the front gate. Marines and ODSTs are under your command for the duration, and they’ll have rockets and snipers. You’re striking hard and fast.
Crimson Three and Four, you’re Blue Team. You’re going in stealthily. Through the mountains round the back, you’re being equipped with experimental camo modules and silenced weapons.
Linda and Kelly, you’re Green Team. You’re air support. Drop in with two falcons to provide covering fire, and evac as many as possible after the Op is complete.
Fred and John, you’re Orange Team. You’re going in ODST style. We’re dropping you in within the compound. Your objective is to take out the main base’s shield generator, which you’ll find underground, so our longswords can knock it to the ground.
Kelly: That’s all very well, but won’t the Covenant have AA guns?
Lasky, Cinematic: Yes, but Blue and Orange Team will have taken them out. That’s Blue’s Primary, and Orange’s secondary objective.
Exit Simulation
Commander Palmer: Your pelicans are on hold, teams! Let’s go! Orange, the drop pods are in Sector 3! Get moving!
Captain Lasky: Good luck teams. See you back on Infinity. _
Fade To Black
Fade In, First Person Drop Pod
Fred: Chief?
Roland: What is it, Fred?
Fred: I just…If we don’t make it…
Flashback across the screen</em>
Cortana: If we don’t make it…_</em>
Master Chief: (Straining)We’ll make it. (Recovering)We’ll make it.
Pod smashes down, Chief runs out, looks around
Flash White, Fade in FPS
*Orange is in the Courtyard of a large, “Halo Wars” like base. Shield cover all doors except the correct way. There are 35 startled Covenant around, 8 of which are Elites. *
The Eighth Spartan
Fred: Move move move!
Continued in next post

Radio, Captain Lasky: Captain Lasky to all Fireteams on the Breakpoint Operation. Red Team have engaged the front gate successfully. Blue Team have infiltrated the back rooms of the base and their air dispatch hangar. Green Team have successfully reached their LZ to drop their marines. Orange Team have dropped in the courtyard, and are in the process of working their way down to the base’s generator.

Crimson Three: Come on Orange! We’re all done! What’s taking you so long?

Fred: Encountering a little more resistance than expected. Give us five to clear the area, and then come meet us for the final push.

Waypoints appear above all 40 enemies inside

Once cleared, Lasky intervenes.

Radio, Captain Lasky: Orange has cleared the base! Fireteams, move on this waypoint!

Waypoint appears at ramp to underground about 300m away, and all fireteams arrive to attack

Radio, Captain Lasky: All fireteams are to march on the generator! All marines and ODSTs are to secure the perimeter.

Fred: Let’s go teams! John, you’re leading.

Master Chief: Acknowledged.

The following is a massive fight, with a dramatic OST. The (mostly invincible) spartan team moves through corridors destroying all enemies. John leads.

At one point, an Elite jumps out of a side door, and grabs Master Chief. A QTE (I know, I know) begins. You only have 1 second to retaliate before being smashed to the ground and stabbed with an energy knife. Otherwise, pressing RB makes Chief stab the Elite and drag it to the ground. This is the only QTE of Halo 5.

Fred: Tangos, on my six!

Three elite generals come into view.

Linda: Blue and Green, on the left! Orange and Red, on the right! Keep firing!

Soon all three die.

The generator is ahead. Two melees breaks the shield, and a grenade destroys the generator.

Radio, Commander Palmer: Reinforcements inbound on your position! Old M’dama’s got real pissed off with you, Breakpoint.

After a long fight out through several purple corridors, and destroying a few banshees out in the snowy courtyard, the Spartans run out to the parked Falcons.

Radio, Captain Lasky: Teams, get out NOW! Longsword strike due in one minute! Marines, evacuate!

Cutscene begins

Master Chief is running towards the two parked falcons. He jumps in a gun, and the other Spartans and some marines/ODSTs clamber into the passenger seats. Just three seconds after exiting the danger zone, the Longsword strike. The camera cuts to panicked Covenant trying to escape the carpet bombs.

Cut to: The view from the falcon’s camera, showing the base being destroyed.

Radio, Commander Palmer: Green and Orange, return to Infinity. A pelican is on standby on an LZ thirty-five kilometres away. Crimson, you’re needed elsewhere.

Cut to: The two falcons flying East and West respectively.

End of Mission Five

Achievement worth 35G

Special Achievement: Destroy the generator with melee 5G

That’s the next segment! Hope you liked it!

Mission 6: Launch

The Pelican is flying over a grassy landscape, over an exact remake of Relic, when a green EMP wave engulfs the vehicle. A cutscene from the first-person view of an Elite shows the pelican’s engines breaking off.

Pelican Pilot: Infinity, come in! This is a high priority message! Talon A35 Delta on a collision course in Covenant-controlled territory!

Radio, Infinity Actual: Roger that, what are your coordinates?

Cut to: Pelican frontal camera.

Pelican Pilot: 069.7…Crash

Crash, instant black

Fade In

First Person of Master Chief passed out on the floor of the pelican. The door is broken open. Fred is laid in front of Chief, slowly getting up. Linda is sat on a pile of rubble, and Kelly on a broken seat.

Radio, Infinity Actual: This is Infinity Actual. Talon A35 Delta, any survivors, come in!

Fred: GroansInfinity Actual, this is Fred. Linda and Kelly are with me. Master Chief?

Master Chief gets up

Master Chief: I’m fine.

Linda: Infinity Actual, the pilot’s dead. The pelican’s out of action. What can we do?

Radio, Infinity Actual: There’s a seraph launch station 5 clicks north of your position. You might be able to launch out of atmosphere from there.

Fred: How did the Covenant get a launch station up so fast?

Spartans step outside (first person), revealing a large purple tower in the distance

Radio, Infinity Actual: They’ve been established on 03 for years, Fred. I’m dropping some ordnance at your position. Infinity’s getting back on its feet, people. Come join the party!

Splaser drops, Fred picks it up

Flash White, FPS

Back in the Saddle

Waypoint marked on a scorpion in the wreckage

Fred: I call shotgun!

Roland: We call driver!

Linda: I’ll go turret.

Kelly: Looks like I’m shotgun too.

Waypoint marked to exit of rock wall surrounding “Relic”

Master Chief: Infinity, can you work us out a way into the launch facility?

Radio, Infinity Actual: Negative Master Chief. Radio jammers in the area block off the signal.

Roland: Is there anything we can do to take them out?

Radio, Infinity Actual: They broadcast from a point inside a secure facility three clicks north of your coordinates. A couple of Scorpion blasts should drop the shield to the base, and another should drop the generator out. Then I can get you your plans.

The player fights through high-walled canyons (Relic was surrounded by rock) past wraiths and ghosts. Halfway to the clearing, two snipers engage the scorpion.

Fred: Tank beats EVERYTHING!

When arriving in the opening, the shielded round purple building has a bright blue shield on it. A blue sphere is inside, connected by energy beams to the walls. Two shots breaks the shield, and one destroys the sphere.

The player has a Waypoint marked to a canyon ahead. They engage several banshees and wraiths.

Radio, Infinity Actual: Environment scans coming online now! There are three entrances to the facility, but two are heavily guarded, and one of those is only accessible by air. The other is, of course, the front gate.

Kelly: What’s the last one?

Radio, Infinity Actual: In through the back, where the engines vent.

Linda: Wouldn’t we be burned to a crisp if one took off?

Radio, Infinity Actual: Yes. Try to time it when there aren’t any launches. Infinity out.

Kelly: Best not get incinerated.

Roland: Marking waypoints to the vent.

Waypoint marked on side path. Scorpion must be left here, rock wall ahead.

New Objective:

Enter Launch Facility

Waypoint Reached by player

Fred: I always loved being sneaky.

The player must follow a narrow path which eventually leads to a network of covenant corridors. Lots of infantry up to elite spec ops hide out here.

The Spartans open a door at the end of a maze of corridors and rooms, into a wide atrium which initially seems to go nowhere. Then a bright white light appears under one of the walls, and the wall starts lifting up. Smoke and purple/blue flames start seeping under.

Continued in next post

Radio, Infinity Actual: Spartans, back up NOW! Launch imminent!

At this moment a red warning ! triangle appears flashing on the HUD next to the shields, with the message:

HUD: Outside temperature 350*C! DANGER!

The player must back up through the doors, as his/her shields drop rapidly. Everyone makes it except Fred, when the door automatically closes and seals. The lock turns red.

Linda: -Yoink-!

Fred: Horrific screamsAagh!

Kelly: Fred! Fred, can you hear me?

The doors open, starting a cutscene.

Cut to: View from the other side of the Vent Atrium. Master Chief races through the door.

Cut to: The head end of Fred’s corpse. His visor and suit are charred, and his shields are sparking attempting to recharge. His suit is smoking. Master Chief falters and drops his AR/Weapon.

Master Chief: You two, get to the next shuttle. I’m going to destroy this place.

Linda: But…

Master Chief: That’s an ORDER!
Switches on radio, Kelly/Linda go through the blast door which then closes
Actual, Fred is KIA. Linda and Kelly are off to launch. I’m gonna flatten this place. Are there any more launches due after the next?

Cut to: Infinity Actual in a room full of monitors, including the three Spartan’s HUDs and one saying in big blue letters: CONNECTION LOST.

Infinity Actual: There’s another due to leave in half an hour, but they know you’re here. I’m sure you can change the schedule.

Cut to: Master Chief picking up his weapon in first person.

Master Chief: Falters Ack-Acknowledged.

Radio, Infinity Actual: Master Chief…I’m sorry.

Chief looks up at the door across the atrium from the one he came in through.

Flash White, Fade In FPS

Last Man Standing

The player walks through the door and round a corner in a corridor. Suddenly, the roof explodes and an ordnance drops.

Radio, Infinity Actual: There’s your equipment. Infinity out.

The ordnance is a HAVOK nuclear device, similar to that used at the end of Halo 4.

Flashback across the screen

Cortana: Don’t make a girl a promise…whispered…if you know you can’t keep it.

The player must walk up to the nuke to press X to have an animation of Chief picking it up.

Roland: All right! Big explosions and LOTS of dead covies!

Master Chief presses a large yellow button on the nuke, then attaches it to his back. A timer appears of 00:10:00.

The player regains control and continues walking.

Roland: You don’t do things leisurely, do you?

Master Chief: Where can we deploy this?

Roland: Launch centre, where we were heading anyway. A brisk five minute walk.

The player fights through rooms, corridors and controls. At one point he/she can assassinate an elite who holds an energy sword.

At one point a massive rumbling shakes the screen.

Roland: There go the others.

Master Chief: Two down, one to go.

At about 7 minutes on Legendary (on average) compared to 5 on Normal, the player reaches the launch station. A cutscene ensues in first person.

Two Elites stand talking next to the cockpit. While they conduct conversation, Master Chief hits one in the back with his weapon, and stabs the second in the head. He throws them off the launch platform and jumps in the cockpit. Still in First Person, he jumps in the cockpit and presses a big red button to begin emergency launch. He blasts off.

Cut to: Master Chief’s Seraph flies past the camera, which is staring down at the launch station from high above. It then explodes.

Cut To Black

Achievement worth 50G

Special Achievement: Destroy the generator at Rally Point Alpha with melee. 15G

I think these are great ideas, keep posting, I’m making a campaign idea as well.

> I think these are great ideas, keep posting, I’m making a campaign idea as well.

I can’t wait to hear them.


I really like your script, I’d play it.

However, there are a couple of things that you may have missed in Halo 4. Firstly, I03 is the Halo that the Ivanoff Station orbits. Infinity was used to transport the Composer from the Halo to the Station, meaning that I03’s deferences would have shot it then, and not the second time.
Also, on the Ivanoff Station where you fight the Hunters, the Index for I03 is actually in a containment unit that you can interact with.

A little bit of rewriting could sort these out i bet.

> I really like your script, I’d play it.
> However, there are a couple of things that you may have missed in Halo 4. Firstly, I03 is the Halo that the Ivanoff Station orbits. Infinity was used to transport the Composer from the Halo to the Station, meaning that I03’s deferences would have shot it then, and not the second time.
> Also, on the Ivanoff Station where you fight the Hunters, the Index for I03 is actually in a containment unit that you can interact with.
> A little bit of rewriting could sort these out i bet.

The first bit I missed, I’ll look into that.

The index is never actually seen in this campaign, so let’s assume it isn’t needed for The Covenant’s advanced science to fire the ring. What do you mean you can “interact” with it?

> > I really like your script, I’d play it.
> >
> > However, there are a couple of things that you may have missed in Halo 4. Firstly, I03 is the Halo that the Ivanoff Station orbits. Infinity was used to transport the Composer from the Halo to the Station, meaning that I03’s deferences would have shot it then, and not the second time.
> > Also, on the Ivanoff Station where you fight the Hunters, the Index for I03 is actually in a containment unit that you can interact with.
> >
> > A little bit of rewriting could sort these out i bet.
> The first bit I missed, I’ll look into that.
> The index is never actually seen in this campaign, so let’s assume it isn’t needed for The Covenant’s advanced science to fire the ring. What do you mean you can “interact” with it?

I’m pretty sure that when you stand next to it, you can press RB and an audio log will talk to you about it.

Can’t remember what it said though.

> > > I really like your script, I’d play it.
> > >
> > > However, there are a couple of things that you may have missed in Halo 4. Firstly, I03 is the Halo that the Ivanoff Station orbits. Infinity was used to transport the Composer from the Halo to the Station, meaning that I03’s deferences would have shot it then, and not the second time.
> > > Also, on the Ivanoff Station where you fight the Hunters, the Index for I03 is actually in a containment unit that you can interact with.
> > >
> > > A little bit of rewriting could sort these out i bet.
> >
> > The first bit I missed, I’ll look into that.
> >
> > The index is never actually seen in this campaign, so let’s assume it isn’t needed for The Covenant’s advanced science to fire the ring. What do you mean you can “interact” with it?
> I’m pretty sure that when you stand next to it, you can press RB and an audio log will talk to you about it.
> Can’t remember what it said though.

Fixed the first plot hole (see Mission 3 start). Are you sure that’s not the composer’s “key”?

> > > > I really like your script, I’d play it.
> > > >
> > > > However, there are a couple of things that you may have missed in Halo 4. Firstly, I03 is the Halo that the Ivanoff Station orbits. Infinity was used to transport the Composer from the Halo to the Station, meaning that I03’s deferences would have shot it then, and not the second time.
> > > > Also, on the Ivanoff Station where you fight the Hunters, the Index for I03 is actually in a containment unit that you can interact with.
> > > >
> > > > A little bit of rewriting could sort these out i bet.
> > >
> > > The first bit I missed, I’ll look into that.
> > >
> > > The index is never actually seen in this campaign, so let’s assume it isn’t needed for The Covenant’s advanced science to fire the ring. What do you mean you can “interact” with it?
> >
> > I’m pretty sure that when you stand next to it, you can press RB and an audio log will talk to you about it.
> >
> > Can’t remember what it said though.
> Fixed the first plot hole (see Mission 3 start). Are you sure that’s not the composer’s “key”?

A Key was never mentioned for the Composer. Its defiantly the Index.
I’m booting up Halo4 to take another look though.

Just checked, it is the Index from Gamma Halo, I03.

So what does that affect in this plot?

alright so here’s the beginning of my campagin idea, it’s not all that descriptive though, still I think it would be fun and a step up form halo 4,

Prologue: The prologue would start showing Jul Mdama and his fleet arriving at instalation 03, Jul would turn to Halsey and say “you said it would only take a month to find,” Halsay would then say “I know, I was wrong, but we found it, that’s all that matters,” now I know in spartan ops they find the location to all the instalations, but considering the galaxy spans 100,000 light years, the location they found wouldn’t show the exact location of the ring. Anyways, then it will show a scene from 2 weeks before that, it would show chief talking with Lord Hood, who would send him off to guard 1 of 3 bases (the base guarding the map room) on instalation 03. Then it would go back to present time, showing the chief with a few marines (including a sergeant similar to Johnson,) one of the marines will then yell “look” while pointing at one of Jul Mdama’s ships. The chief would then say “get to work” while loading an assault rifle.

Mission 1: this mission would start with a quick first person cutscene that would show the chief looking ath the enemy ship, he would then see a bunch of phantoms unload from the carrier. the chief would then be contacted by lord hood to defend the map room at all costs. The chief would begin aiding the new sergeant guy and his squad defend one of the entrances against a few waves of covenant, then he would be contacted by another sergeant who had just let some covenant slip past his defences and enter the map room, the chief would then go in to the map room to stop them, the next part of this level would be sort of like the part of the silent cartographer where your in the map room by yourself, except a bit longer, I think this could have a very big map room. Upon the chief killing all the covenant and getting to the control panel of the map room, the new sergeant guy would tell chief that a huge wave of covenant is approaching. The chief would then have to fight covenant until his shields go down. Then a cutscene would begin, showing chief getting shot by a few elites, the chief would then take his knife and stab an elite in the back, he’d then lift up the elites body and use it to block another elites plasme fire, he’d then get shot in the back by a few plasma rounds and then fall to his knees, but then the new sergeant and his marines (about 10 of them) would come in and save the chief (yes, this new sergeant saves the chief, unlike how the chief had to save Johnson 50 times.) The level would then continue to have chief and the marines continue to guard the map room against more waves, every time the player gets down to about 3 marines 3 more will come inbetween waves of covenant, finally after about 10 waves (each with about 20-30 covenant,) Lord Hood will tell chief the area is secure, he’ll then say that the ship that was attacking touched down about 10 clicks away, the level would then end with the chief exiting the control room with the new sergeant guy and 4 marines, they’d then board a pelican, it would show the pelican (with a scorpion) take off, the view would then show the enemy ship (an assault carrier) before fading to black. (About 1 hour long)

mission 2: This mission would start with the pelican dropping off the scorpion, the chief, the new sergeant and the 4 marines, there would be a marker (about 2 km away) over the gravity lift into the ship, the chief would then drive the scorpion through a large cave. Upon reaching the end of the cave he would get attacked by a ton of ghosts, a few wraiths and banshees and maybe a few revnants or spectres or even a new vehicle. The chief would then proceed further and would start getting attacked by more vehicles, also some phantoms could drop off some ground forces also, I think it would be cool if after this part Lord Hood could offer chief some more assistance, then it would actually be up to the player if they want reinforcments or not, if they take the reinforcments then a pelican would come and drop off a warthog with a driver and a gunner. There would then be a curvy slope (similar to the one in assault on the control room right before you have to exit your scorpion,) when getting to the bottom there’d be few ghosts and a wraith that would start attacking. Also if the warthog ever blows up then the chief will be able to call in for a new one every 5 minutes. After killing the few ghosts and wraith the chief will have to go through a large cave full of ground forces, and maybe a ghost or 2. Upon exiting the cave the chief will get attacked by a few banshees a wraith and a pile of ghost, this area will be a large battle enviroment and a few phantoms will drop in some ground forces aswell. After the chief kills all the vehilces a scarab will fall from the sky, the chief can then choose to call in 2 aerial vehicles (either hornets or falcons.) After the scarabs legs collapse the will have to board the scarab (because the back will not be able to be broken off, so he can’t just shoot it with the scorpion.) By this point the chief wouldn’t be far from the grav lift, he’ll have to go through a narrow opening in the cave, by this point the hornets or falcons (if still alive) would’ve left, while in this narrow opening a few ghosts and ground forces would attack. When you exit the opening you’d enter a giant battle field, the battlefield would have 4 bases each with 4 turrets on the roof and 4 at the entrances on the bottom floor (1 about 500 metres form each point of the grav lift.) The Chief could then call in for more reinforcments (2 warthogs, 2 scorpions and 2 hornets or falcons and 2 mongooses aswell as about 20 marines.) the enemies would have about 5-10 ghosts, 2-4 wraiths, about 100-150 ground forces, 8 sniper nests, and 5-10 revnants or spectres, aswell as 5-10 banshees and maybe a scarab or 2. Anyway about half way through the batlle Lord Hood would tell chief that Jul Mdama and Halsay are on that ship, and that he has to get them at all costs. At the end of the battle when the chief would get near the Grav lift wave after wave of covenant will drop off from, after 5 waves it will stop. A cutscene would start showing chief slowly walking towards the grav lift, then the new sergeant would yell “go, go, go” then 10 marines will run past each side of the chief onto the garv lift, the last one will on the left side will bump the chief, turn aroung and yell out “sorry, sir.” (slightly more than an hour long)

mission 3: The mission wou;d begin with chief, the new sergeant (who will now be known as sergeant Price) and 19 other marines. Similar to the level truth and reconsiliation, the begin will have you locked in an entrance room, one of the marines will bring along a thing that will allow him to open up the doors from a console in the centre of the room, the chiefs job will be to keep him alive. After being in the ship for about 2 minutes, a door will open and 2 elites with energy swords (and maybe camo) will run out, a minute later another door will open with a pair of hunters, a minute after that another door would open with a bunch of suicide grunts and then a few jackals and then a minute after that the last door will open with 2 elites, 6 jackals and 10 grunts. Finally sergeant Price will say to the guy trying to get the door open “get a move on, we don’t have all day here,” then a door will open and out will come 10 grunts, 4 jackals and an elite with an energy sword who is scripted to kill the guy opening the door, then sergeant price will stab the elite in the back as the player will not be able to inflict damage on this elite. Then Sergeant Price will say “we need to get outta here chief, you’ve been on plenty of these ships before, you should know what to do.” Then the chief will have to go up to a door with a waypoint on it, it will then tell him to stick a grenade on it, this will damage the door a bit, then he’ll have to stick another grenade on it, finally he’ll have to hit the door with both hands real quick by pressing RT and LT very fast, then the door will break, then Sergeant price will say “god chief, why didn’t you do that earlier.” They’ll go through a large hallway full of covenant and then the chief can choose to go into the massive launch bay of the assault carrier to lower the shields and let in reinforcments, or he can go down another hallway which will lead to a large door thats locked, the chief will then say “I’ll go around and open it, you guys stay put.” The chief will then go around and find a large room (about the size of the hangar bay in truth and reconsiliation,) from this point the chief has to get across this massive room filled with covenant, when he gets to the end he’ll see the door and will hit a switch to open it up, when it opens, all the reamaining marines except Price and 2 other marines (or less if thats all the player has,) will be dead and a large fight (with like 40-50 covenant) will be underway, the chief will then save the Sergeant and one of the marines, (the other will dye a few seconds after the chief starts helping,) the new sergeant will then say “Thanks chief, next time we should go with you.” The level will continue and the chief will go through a series of halls and rooms full of covenant, and at any time he can go to the hangar bay and let reinforcments in (but he can only do this 3 times, each time 5 marines will come out of a pelican and so will some weapons.) Finally the chief will get to a large hall that will lead to the control room, he’ll have to fight past a ton of guard including 2 pairs of hunters. When he finaly gets to the bridge a cutscene will begin showing chief and Price (because all the other marines will be dead,) entering the control room, then catherine and Jul will jump into an escape pod and Jul will yell “finish him,” then 4 elites with energy swords will come out and then the chief with minimal assistance from price will have to kill them, then they’ll have to get back to the hangar bay against waves of flood and call in for evac, then the mission will end. (slightly less than an hour long)

mission 4: This mission will start with a cutscene showing 3 phantoms (in a forest like enviroment next to a cave) drop off Jul, Halsey, about 10 elites, about 15 jackals and about 40 grunts. The cave will look sort of like a cross between 343 Guilty Spark (the level,) and sacred icon, anyways Jul and Halsey will believe that the index is here and will explore the cave, then they’ll come across a room similar to the one in guilty spark right before the outbreak, anyways they’ll enter the room and Jul will see a control panel, he’ll click it and then a screen will appear showing the Halo ring and the location of the index. Then one of the elites will hear weird noises, then Jul will hear it aswell, then Halsey will, then the grunts will start to panic while the Jackals remain cool, then flood will appear from multiple doors in the room, a large battle will happen then Jul will yell retreat, then as him Halsey are about to escape he’ll turn around and shoot Halsey in the chest with his plasma rifle knocking her down, he’ll then turn to an elite and say “we don’t need her anymore.” Then it will chief at the map room of the instalation which is still getting attacked (although not much,) then he’ll get a distress beacon from Halsey, (while fighting.) He"ll be with sergeant Price who will look at the distress beacon and say “who’s Halsey” (because he wouldn’t know who she is,) anyways chief will say “she’s an old friend. Can you get me a hornet/falcon” then Price will say “sure, what do I tell Hood” then chief will say “tell him I’m taking this fight to the covenant.” Then it will show chief flying a hornet/falcon to the foresty area, there will be 2 small LZ’s, one on each side of the cave, the chief will choose the right one which will be closer to the cave, the level will then begin. The chief will enter the cave and will go through a series of walls and rooms, along the way he’ll run into some grunts and jackals most of which will be dead but a few be alive and scared, they’ll also be some dead elites. Finally the chief will go into a room where he’ll find Halsey (who will have blood over her chest and will look worn out,) who will say “chief” then chief will say “it’s ok I’m here” then Halsey will say “no it’s not that” then chief will say “what is it” then some flood will appear behind chief and Halsey point at them and say “that,” then the level will continue and you’ll have to keep Halsey alive. The chief will have to go back through 2 rooms and some hallways and will then find one of the doors he came in through will be closed and locked, so he’ll have to take a long detour (Like in 343 Guilty Spark.) Finaly when the chief gets to the exit, increasingly large waves of flood will begin to attack him, then if the chief or Halsey dies a cutscene will begin, also if the player runs for the exit the cutscene will begin, the cutscene will show chief and Halsey (who will have a pistol that the chief brought,) fighting the flood then Halsey will fall and chief will yell her name very scared like. Then the Arbiter and some elites will arrive and will begin slaughtering all the flood in the area, the arbiter will then tell the chief that Jul told all the covenant he found the ring and there all coming to go up against the humans and activate the ring, he’ll then ask questions about whats going on and who’s Halsey and all that stuff, then the arbiter will say he’s got a ride that’s not far away, they’ll then walk off and the level will end. (about 45 minutes long)

Mission 5: This mission will begin with chief, the arbiter, Halsey and some elites exiting the cave, chief will look over his Hornet/Falcon which will be destroyed, then the arbiter will say “follow me,” the group will walk through the forest (similar to the one in mission 4 of halo 4) and will begin getting attacked by the flood. The group will arrive at a destroyed phantom and the arbiter will say “I’ll call in for another,” he’ll then say “my transponder isn’t working, something blocking it,” then, prometheans (blue ones) will begin spawning, then the arbiter will say “prometheans” then chief will say “you’ve heard of them,” then the arbiter will say “yes, but what are they doing here,” then the Halsey will say “it’s because the composer is here, or was here, anyways they’d need more advanced defense teams then sentinels” then the chief would say “why didn’t they spawn when the composer was removed,” then Halsey will say "there like sentinels, they only appear if theres a flood outbreak, the flood could’ve used the composer to there advantage. From this point the chief can choose 4 different paths, each will have slightly different difficulties, anyways there will be consistent amounts of flood through the levels, however the amounts of prometheans will go up and up, at the begining of the pahts it will be about 75% flood and 25% prometheans and by the end it will be about 55% prometheans and 45% flood. Each path will be about 2KM long and about every 100m a bunch of flood and prometheans will appear, they’ll be more interested in killing eachother than you, also I want the prometheans to be very different (and by that I mean better) than the ones in halo 4, I want the flood to be like halo 3 flood, in this mission they’d be all pure forms. Throughout the level the arbiter and the chief will talk about Jul and how when he told everyone he found the Didact nobody cared, and then how when he told them he found a ring, the whole covenant went crazy, and even brutes were coming. Then when the chief would get out of the forest, a cutscene would begin, the chief would use his radio system to contact Price, Price would say “chief, have you found you’re, ah, friend” then chief will say “yes, I found 2” then a bunch of covenant ships will exit a slipspace portal and chief will say “get me online with Hood” then Hood will say “chief, where are you” then chief will say “sir, I found Halsey and the arbiter” then Hood will say “Halsey, she’s a criminal, she helped the enemy, she’s the reason were in this mess,” then chief will say “we’ve got bigger problems, a huge fleet of ships just arrived,” then Hodd will say “I knew this would happen, we’ve called the Infinity for help, and I don’t know if Sergeant Price told you, but the map room got overtaken, and Jul’s got teams arriving at the index room, maybe if you would’ve stayed to defend it, they wouldn’t of taken it down” then chief will say “Sir, I’ll head to the Index room with the arbiter, they won’t get the index, oh and one more thing, prometheans and flood are going to be all over this ring in a few hours, chief out.” (About 45 minutes long)

Mission 6: This mission will start with the chief, the arbiter, Halsey and some elites arriving at the index room that will be similar to the one in sacred icon/quarantine zone except without a containment wall. When the chief arrives there will be a big war already waging with the covenant and the humans, The action will immediately begin in this level, right away the chief will start fighting covenant, he’ll then head over to the entrance of the index room, here he’ll assist tons of marines, including sergeant price who will be surprised to see an elite who helps humans (the arbiter). Anyways chief will be defending the door (which will be one of 4.) Eventually one of the doors defense teams will collapse and the chief will go into the index room to give the index close cover (Halsey and the arbiter will join him.) Not long after he enters the room another door will fall, then Prometheans (who aren’t friends with Jul) will begin attacking chief and the covenant, then chief will hear that another door fell, and that flood have started attacking, and most of these marines have never seen flood before and would be terrified. Then chief will hear that the other 2 doors have fallen and lots of flood will begin coming through, Price will also come to assist chief, eventually the infinity will arrive and will send Spartans to assist, including Palmer. The battle will start to become more flood based, and when almost everyone except him, Halsey, Price, the arbiter and Palmer are dead, he’ll grab the index and yell “retreat,” the escape part will be difficult as there will be tons of flood as well as some covenant and Prometheans, the chief will grab a passenger warthog which will seat 7, the chief, the arbiter, Halsey, Palmer, Price, one of the arbiters elites, and a Spartan, who will be the only guys still alive as everyone else will be scripted to die. Also there will be a turret (similar to Jorge’s) that the one Spartan will be carrying, he will throw it on the back of the passenger warthog, if the player choices to drive the Spartan will shoot, if the player choices to shoot the arbiter will drive. Before the chief gets in the vehicle he will say to Hood over his radio “I need to get evacuated, where and when can you get a pelican to pick us up,” Hood will say, 10 minutes for easy, 9.5 for normal, 9 for heroic and 8 for legendary, then the he will give chief coordinates to a location about 5-7KM away. The warthog will be indestructible but the player can still die, when they start driving a (indestructible) banshee (that will only take a few shots) will fly overhead and will then go to the carrier, the player will then drive by some flood and a few Prometheans, but they won’t be much of a problem, after about 2 minutes, phantoms and banshees will leave the covenant carrier, and will head straight for the chief, the amount of flood and Prometheans will begin to go down once the covenant arrive. At first there will be a few banshees that will fly overhead, then a phantom will fly in on both sides and both of the phantoms will drop off 2 ghosts, then the chief will enter a narrow canyon and the ghosts (if there still left) won’t be able to fit in. Then some jackal snipers will appear on ridges in the canyon, then banshees will also shoot at them from above. When they exit the canyon they will enter a small open area surrounded by mountains that will have 2 wraiths, 2 ghosts and 2 shade turrets, then the chief will continue along a ridge with a mountain on one side of it, some ghosts and banshees will pursue him though. Then lots of ghosts will begin attacking the chief, then the road will split, he can take a detour through a canyon (where the ghost will only be able to shoot one at a time, or continue along the ridge. Finally the chief will near the end, they’ll be one last (epic) battle in an open field, then when the chief gets to end (regardless of how much time is left) a pelican and 2 hornets/falcons will also appear the chief will be almost there and then the pelican will get shot hitting the hornet/falcon on the left and then the hornet/falcon on the right will get destroyed, they’ll both get destroyed by plasma heavy bombs. The chief would have been driving fast and will realize the brakes barely work; the warthog will then fly over a small cliff. (about 45 minutes long)