A very halo Christmas

How do you think the unsc celebrates Christmas?

A giant Christmas feast on the infinity, ONI and unsc alike feasting on roast grunt. Spartans giant boots filled with stocking stuffers. Captain lasky dressed as Santa Claus.

What do you all think? Merry Christmas all!

Outside of Dutch from ODST, the UNSC doesn’t strike me as very religious. That’s more of the Covenant’s thing.
BUT! I’m gonna say all the Spartans aboard the Infinity will decorate their armor or paint it Red v. Green and play Grifball with gravity hammers decorated like candy canes.
Also, I think during the first space-Christmas they ate roasted Moa … or was that the first space-Thanksgiving? Maybe it is roast Grunt.

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Years, and Happy Birthday!

Well, I’d imagine a buffet setup about 40 feet long in the Infinitys main mesh hall. Just don’t let the Spartans drink too much eggnog (DeMarco challenges John) -_-

I’d imagine they would celebrate some form of Winter-Solstice holdiday, be it Christmas or whatever. Although, the religious aspect would be almost non-existent (even more so as it is today).

I would like to think its similar to the Pillar of Autumns form of recreation (using the billboards and signs as reference…which are canon imo)

But yes, im sure there is some form of special event for the holidays. Perhaps a christmas dinner plan or a music event hosted by soldiers and other crew members.

On that note, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! :slight_smile:

[Double post]

I’d imagine its more of a New Year’s celebration.

But Infinity certainly does do parties and big events. The LE Booklet describes charity runs, cook offs, Infinity Day, cage fights, Poker Night, and a Valentine’s Day dance.

This, but it may break the rules of canon.

Ah, I remember that picture.

Anyways, I imagine it would be like any social gathering of a bunch of soldiers. Just on a holiday. Have some sort of competition in War Games, like Winter Olympics, maybe? I know I would propose that.

“See how far you could launch that Warthog, Spartans! Whichever team wins gets the Candy Cane Skin for their favorite gun!”

Perhaps have a moment of silence for friends and family lost during the initial Human-Covenant war in the previous years, as well. And don’t forget about having the Huragok decorate a holographic X-mas tree.