A Valid Complaint: Grenades and Ordinance

I give a lot of support for 343i and try to hold back the waves of illegitimate flame and trolls that come their way. That being said, there are some things with Halo 4 that I feel could use a serious improvement. Here, in my humble opinion, is the largest one:

When you have an ordinance call down available, you are not able to swap grenades without calling down the ordinance. I swap my grenade types a lot and this can make the game frustrating when I need to swap to that plasma and accidentally call down an ordinance…

My suggestion is to require an upward press on the D-Pad to bring down your ordinance menu at which point in time your next D-Pad press will call down the ordinance (up again if you have the perk to select re-roll ordinance).

How do you guys deal with the ordinance and grenade swap?

I hadn’t noticed this, good spot.

And as such, I’ve never had a problem with it, but now you’ve mentioned it I’ll probably start making the same mistake!

Agreed. A bit of an oversight on 343’s part.

Maybe if you could tap the D-pad to swap grenades and hold to choose an ordnance drop.

This has happen to me once or twice. I usually use frag grenades more then anything else so it has never been a major issue. I’m wondering why 343 decided to make the B button duck instead of clicking the joystick. It would be so much easier if they made grenade swapping the same in Halo Reach.

Forget about ordnance, the grenade swap is still annoying.

I with it was tied to something other than the directional pad, such as X.

not a bad idea, but i’d suggest using the down button instead, since up is for re-roll.

this only happened to me once from 1-50 though.

Man, I hate this. Really, really hate this.

I don’t mind, you call down ordnance once or twice a game, you can change grenades multiple times. Never has ordnance ruined or interfered with my grenade selection.