A truley infinite (warmup) playlist

The simplest:
An endless social FFA where players continually join to warmup as others leave.

The simple:
The above with an added ‘search for’ and ‘join fireteam’ option. Once your game is found or your fireteam is back in the lobby you automatically transfer over.

The complex:
An endless social multi team extermination slayer match of 4 to 6 teams on a massive map specifically designed to showcase power weapon and vehicle abilities in limited locations while also providing space for primary weapon dominance. Teammates spawn on each other with 15 second death penalties. If a team is wiped the party leader picks a team spawn location in a “safe zone/base”.

I’d be nice to have the ability to continue playing a match until you and/or your teammates are ready to grind without breaks from searching and loading.
An infinite playlist has infinite possibilities so I’ll see if this gains traction before adding other variants.

In my opinion that’s what customs are for. Fames you can join and leave at any time. If it’s like an FFA or slayer custom, you can just get your hands warm, and then leave at any time to go play competitive or something. I have nothing against your idea of a permanent FFA social that’s more of a join and leave any time. Frankly, I’d enjoy it. Some games that are RPGs already do this, with a PVP arena that players can fight in like some sort of colosseum type structure where PVP happens. I think if Infinite has this, it’d be some sort of anyone can go in and out any time anywhere in the world. Just to sharpen your skills or keep up with the skill level.

I see what you’re getting at, OP. I worry that such a playlist would quickly devolve into a furious mess of the most obnoxious players in the game deliberately playing in the most annoying ways they know how, especially if it’s a map designed to make power weapons/vehicles/etc commonplace.

I’m not saying it flat out couldn’t work, but I think the odds are stacked against it a bit.