I am NOT some bronie I am a Fotucorn!

You already have posted a thread exactly like this.

Do not cross-post threads.

i thought this was the right place…

> i thought this was the right place…

This is the correct place to post screenshots, but it’s against forums rules to have duplicate threads.

I recommend that you go to your thread in the Universe Forums and edit the title to say “Please Lock”. You can also PM a Monitor and inform them that you have an accidental thread and you would like it to be locked.

For the full list of Monitors and for the full list of Forums Rules, go here: Get to know your Moderators, and here: Halo Waypoint Forum Rules



I wish I had FOTUS.

single tear


Ya might wanna add to that… they count that as spam…

Like I said before here, not really a place here to post something like this. Not really necessary.