A trend that needs to stop (cheating)

Was running a practice session with my clan tonight in Halo 4, and we were in a game of CTF in Complex. We push to the enemy team’s base for a flag grab, then all of a sudden, lag kicks in. By the time I respawn closer to our base, we get a couple defensive kills in on the enemy team. What happened next, we get black screened.

Now, this lasted about 45 seconds to a minute. While this was going on, 3 of my teammates (full party of 5) were lagged out. This didn’t happen during the 3 custom games prior to this, it didn’t happen the first couple ctf games we did, but in this match it did. But back to the black screen topic-

After coming out of black screen, the enemy just happened to suddenly be right ON TOP of our flag, grabbed it, got away, and they were up 2-0 by the time we got a new J.I.P. set of teammates.

I see this go on every day in matchmaking, and I have not seen cheating run this rampant since Halo 2 (anyone else remember the standby switch days? If you don’t, here we are, full-circle.) I see it go on, and I don’t see anything being done about it.

I and the rest of my squad have reported all 5 members of the enemy team for this, and I will be calling Xbox support giving them the gamertags as well. In the meantime, if anyone else is noticing this going on more frequently in certain playlists than others, let me know? I would appreciate it. Thanks.

About 7 of my friends and i all went into BTB and we were on ragnarok… we were up by about 200 or so… and then all of a sudden a 30 second black screen, we come back to only being ahead by 40 or so and the other team has ALLLL kinds of vehicles and power weapons, lasers 2 incin canons snipers you name it… kinda ridiculous imo, we were trashing those kids then all of a sudden we’re barely winning.

It could just be the fact that lag/Host selection is horrible in this game compared to other Halos, I just can’t see people using network manipulation in a game where ranks don’t even matter. But I’m sure it happens, I actually experienced something similar today. It’s really sad to think that people network manipulate to win when winning means nothing in this game.

Is there any way it can be proven that those particular people you all reported were the ones that performed the hack or even were hacking at all.