A tournament creator in halo 5 : D

I figured it out guys :smiley: Everyone is wanting a more competitive halo so why don’t we make competitive play in our way. When we wanted better maps in halo we got forge to make maps our own way and make our ideas be a reality. If I would wanted a halo 1v1 tournament on guardian why not make that reality right now instead of hoping for 343 to bring it in. Famous people like rooster teeth could have tournaments were you could win prizes. Associations like MLG could have tournaments where you could play against professionals. Or you could just play with your friends :slight_smile:

This is the way halo should take were it could evolve through us the fans, not just through these forums but through the game itself. Isn’t that what next gen gaming about less restrictions and more freedom in all aspects

Thank you for reading :smiley:

I assume that you mean that there would be some kind of tournament creator in the game itself? That could be pretty cool. It would be neat if there was a search bar or bulletin board thing that would allow you to see what all tournaments were going on. Then you could just click on it and sign up. 343 could obviously prioritize certain tournaments to always stay at the top like their global championship or something from MLG or something like that. This could be a very cool thing for them to implement into the next game. If done well, it could be one of those innovations that really rocks the XBL scene like forge, theater, clans, and so many other things. 343 should definitely look into doing something like this.

Yeah sorry I didn’t point that out I meant in game tournament creator lol :slight_smile:

There could be a possibility, judging from the way Frankie teased us on this neogaf post. http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=726430&page=40

If it’s all ready being implemented then that’s great as it can have more time to be perfected :smiley:

If they added micro transactions to halo on xbox, let’s say you could buy £10/$15 worth of cosmetics or map packs to help bring more people to your tournament to win as a prize. plus have a ranking system to it so you the host can prove that you are more that capable at making tournaments plus providing a excellent service and also show people who want to join a tournament who is the best to go to :slight_smile: