A topic not yet discussed - Halo 4 soundtrack

Can’t help but notice that there are no threads about the soundtrack in Halo 4 so I’ve made this one which breaks down the music in sections.

The soundtrack still follows Halo’s style - it’s very holy and uses lots of choir music which I am pleased about. The soundtrack also uses lots of mechanical sounds many of which remind me of echoes. The atmosphere is held brilliantly and the music definitely reflects the tone.

When chief meets the first new enemy, ‘the crawler’, the music changes and includes what sounds like woodwind instruments and an electronic xylophones. The music really starts to shine from then on for example, when chief chases the watcher through the undergrowth.

Finally in the climax of the e3 Campaign demo the music plays an important role. The sound here sounds similar to that of the recent CoD games which also used a mechanical vibrations and echoes. The unique mix of choir music and mechanical sounds is impressive and works surprisingly well.

To conclude I thought the soundtrack was easily as good as that of Marty and that if the rest of the soundtrack is of that standard then 343 can have my money for the soundtrack now!

So, what do you think?

I agree with you, it looks Neil Davidge is doing a mighty-fine job on the soundtrack. And I can’t wait to hear more!

It’s merely passable. That’s all. I don’t think it matches up to the rest of Marty’s soundtracks. A large amount of it was ambient music - electronic sounds with some woodwinds, to generate an eerie atmosphere. Which works well enough in-game, but not so well when listening to it.

There’s a more serene orchestra melody during the cutscene, which is again nothing special, and an ominous-sounding theme during the Cryptum’s appearance, which was pretty unoriginal if you ask me.

The electronic action rhythm during the end is catchy enough (reminds me of BF3’s main theme) but it isn’t especially unique or bombastic.

I’m not hearing much in the way of orchestral/ choral pieces, and although that might just be Neil Davidge’s personal style, I hope that he will find a way to integrate both orchestra and electronics well.

All in all, the music fits the scene, but they didn’t jump out at me or catch my interest like previous Halo trailer music did. It’s not annoying or badly written, but it just isn’t unique or special. That said, I don’t exactly blame Neil Davidge. The demo itself called for a quiet, suspenseful piece instead of a bombastic action piece. The music was merely written for the occasion, and I highly doubt it will end up to be a major theme in the soundtrack. I look forward to hearing the rest of the soundtrack despite the temporary disappointment here.