a top tip!

hello everyone! i’ve discovered a tip if you are trying to go at halo 4’s campaign on legendary and well, will probably make your life a little bit easier.

first off, i just want to say i achieved the “a true lone wolf legend” yesterday at around 5pm, so hopefully that adds a little more trust.

moving on- if you’ve ever had problems with a group of Prometheans and their watchers then this will help you.

when i was playing i always had trouble killing the stupid watchers because they would always fly away and i would have to take cover because i would lose to much health to keep going. (note: this doesn’t work for every group, but a decent amount of them) i started experimenting… i would piss off a knight so he would charge up to me, then i would kill him, then one by one the watchers would fly over to try and revive them (while they are trying to revive it takes a bit and they can’t move) so just pull out an automatic gun and easily take them out. in the end this saves a lot of time, deaths, and rage.

Sir, you have beat me to exploiting Halo 4’s AI. I applaud your effort and take note of your discovery!


still waiting for my copy of Halo 4 to arrive

Good strategy! I actually did that exact tactic just yesterday for a couple of problematic watchers.

Do you go around them and assassinate them like brute chieftains in odst?