A thread about nice things

So, I want to make a thread about nice things! Let’s all take the time to talk about nice things related to this game that don’t have to do with the different editions.

I was blown away with how great a scene from the game looked, I was even more impressed when I learned it was an actual in-game shot, and not a video.

(A cropped version of this. Also, there’s no spoiler here)

I am sorry, but this forum is only about LE problems, FOTUS hate and crying about Recruit is default armor. No threads about nice things. /sarcasm maybe

Well that’s quite unfortunate!

I’m also quite fond of the amazing looks maps and revamp of Valhalla.

This thread is no fun. It’s more fun to complain about something that has not even come out yet.

Something nice…well that’s a change of pace ok challenge accepted…well I think that HALO 4 will be an amazing game. I’m loving the new forge as well as all the added features to multiplayer such as join in progress and passing the ball in grifball :slight_smile: oh and I’m happy to see chief and cortana again…I have long waited this day…and still got a few weeks to go but it’s ok I can wait :slight_smile: