A thought on MK V Alpha

So with the MK V Delta almost upon us, I was thinking about the MK V Alpha, and I had a thought of a way 343 could have made it much more appealing and quirky in a way. Of course this isn’t to most people’s taste and would probably have lore issues, so I invite discussion on this by all means.

My thought however, was what if they had treated MK V A, like the CE Magnum? That is keeping the retro low-poly look to the armour so it looks like the old game. That or done a CEA and given us a choice between old and new?

I’ve mentioned this to a handful of friends who thought it sounded cool, and figured I’d share it here to see what people thought of this little idea.

That’s what the Mark V Alpha was going to be. It was going to be a low-poly armor, but it didn’t make much sense lore wise. They went with making the Mark V Alpha instead.

Personally I never really like the alpha versions, too compressed I think. Delta is pretty cool, apart from one side of its lights not working.