A thought about the focus on Cosmetics

I saw a post on reddit. And I think it needs to be posted here.

""Let me start by saying that all the criticisms of pricing of cosmetics and pacing of the battle pass are valid. But I’m getting very tired of all the posts of “I’m done” and “this game is ruined.”

I’ve been playing Halo since the Halo 2 era.

Back then I was amazed by the ability to play online with other people. It was even better in those days before everyone was in party chat. I didn’t care one bit about what my Spartan looked like. After all, we were just red and blue in the end. I was just playing the game.

I fell off Halo around Halo 4. It didn’t feel like Halo anymore. My friends had moved on, and it seemed like it was falling behind COD, Battlefield, and eventually the battle royales.

Now, Halo is back in the best way. My friends are all on it again because it’s free to play. Some of us got the battle pass, others didn’t because they don’t care about cosmetics.

But we’re all online together. We all agree, as does most of this community, that this is the best Halo gameplay has ever been.

We just saw two incredibly broken launches of COD and Battlefield (without even going into the horrible scandals at Activision). Yet here we are playing a polished, fantastic multiplayer game 3 weeks early for free.

So sure, it’s valid to criticize the pricing of the cosmetics or the pace of the battle pass. But if that’s enough to ruin the game for you, you missed the point.

"Play games because they’re fun, not because you want to use pre-made skins, logos, and armor to look cool. Especially when this is a first person game where you can’t see your own Spartan 99% of the time.

I for one will be playing Halo for the long haul. It’s the best the game has ever felt. The battle pass is slow but it’s kept me playing more creatively. My friends are all back together without being asked to play a dime.

So that’s my point. It is ok to like this game because you have fun playing it.""

To add on to this, customization may get better in the future as more armor sets and things get added for free or for money. Currently most are rocking the free HCS skin that makes us look like a white-chocolate m&m cookie from Panera Bread, but perhaps in the future we’ll be rocking that coating with a new shoulder piece or something.


Yeah the predatory issue of pricing for something that should be free for most of the items (like make it just some fancy skins, let us have the actual armor and pieces to it). But that’s not gonna drag me away from playing it. I just hope they find a better solution soon, unlocking cosmetics was part of the fun for me in Reach and 4.

Yea Ive seen a lot of people going “Putting the game down and never coming back” and -Yoink!- because of the Cosmetics.

Actually, this is the first and only Halo game I have actually enjoyed enough to want to come into the PvP portion. Normally I just stay in Firefight or whatever we have in place of it and play only the campaign. Halo 4 I liked the MP, but a lot of others didn’t and sometimes it felt straining to play because everyone was either super sweaty like their lives relied on winning 50-0 in casual playlists or everyone just sort of camped all the heavy weapons and spawn killed every corner of the map (that was less common tbh).

And Halo 5 felt more or less the same after a bit, so I’m hoping Infinite doesn’t eventually get to that point as well.

This is exactly what I have been saying since the complaining about cosmetics/progression system complaints started.