A thought. 343 has embraced Halo's Multiplayer Roots

As an afterthought! Remember watching videos or reading about Halo: CE’s development? Multiplayer was tacked on last minute to make the game a bit more fun because the devs weren’t entirely sure the campaign was enough.

343i did exactly that. They spend 6 years making and remaking the campaign. Then 4 months before launch out of NOWHERE we got a multiplayer preview. It’s the same thing just over the course of a modern development cycle. And the reason we’re getting n silence on changes to multiplayer is simple. All the YouTubers with early review copies of them game seem to honestly be singing the campaign praises as high as the first three games’ campaigns. Halo is based on an awesome campaign with a fun intense multiplayer kinda tacked on. It wasn’t until H3 that the game was balanced to hardcore multiplayer.

That being said, I’m not holding my breath because all those YouTubers are still under embargo to talk in depth and show game details. But the way things are looking, campaign might be shaping up to be perfect. While MP like always was held together with spit and prayers and will take time to be perfected.