A thanks to 343 from a long time halo fan

Just decided after doing alot of TU forum reading I decided to give out my thanks to 343. I know it may be a little premature seeing as how they have only released 1 no bloom game type, but really they’ve done much more. They’ve talked. They’ve spilled more beans than I thought they even had. I have been playing since halo 1 and XBC and my hope for the series dwindled slowly but surely with each iteration of the series. Don’t get me wrong though; I don’t hate Bungie or think Halo 2, 3, ODST, or Reach were bad games, its just…they strayed further away from the meat and potatoes of what makes Halo Halo. When I hear 343 talk about Halo its like a weight being taken off of my shoulders. They have shown such a great amount of respect to the fact that Halo has something special and that it needs to be able to evolve, but it needs to remain true to its roots. And they are demonstrating that by REMAKING Halo CE and manipulating Reach in what seems to be almost completely a gesture to the community(Not everything can be free). From the panel discussions it sounds like moving forward with Halo 4, they are going to implement this exact same logic. I’m not expecting Halo 1 reincarnated in Halo 4, but I have hope. Without even divulging a drop of gameplay, they have made me feel more confident in Halo than I have in YEARS.

So without further ado:


Your intentions are clear, your respect to the community is impeccable, and from what I have seen and played your changes and goals for the series are falling right in line with what almost everyone has wanted for it. Bungie birthed a golden child with Halo 1, and followed up with some very well crafted, well polished games, and now with a fresh take on the series with 343i at the helm I feel assured that the series’ future looks brighter than ever. Thank you!

We really need to get a overall thanks thread.

Lets all gather round for a group hug!

343 is the future <3


Here’s to 343 Industries…

For taking the time and ambition to continue working on the franchise that Bungie had created and cherished… Halo…

Thank You…

P.S. HaloFest was Skexy…

thank you 343 for making a more than just a game.