A temporary solution to fix the xp gain loop

I noticed that in the challenges the daily ones are just “complete X amount of matches” So it kind of works as a permanent challenge each day. So as a band aid solution I think they should switch it to just complete 1 match so its instant each time. And I think to help reward winning a game, there should be a second one thats just win 1 match, that refills every time you finish it.

So then you have 2 daily/permanent challenges that refill every time you finish them, and it will make the progression fill a bit better till they can create a better system.


Yeah I have thought of having two daily ones where the other is to win. Can hush the people who want performance to be rewarded then.

Would like to still see it get progressively longer though. I like that idea, purely because it helps balance exp gain for people who play regularly but not for obsessive hours. If you give out too much exp the hardcore crowd will hit the end of the battlepass in a week or two.

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Yeah that’d be a good bandaid, although I think they want to keep it slow so they might have to drop the xp per win significantly.

The main problem is that people will still feel forced to complete all challenges for the weekly unlock

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Yeah that won’t change, but this could at least make things better because even though it may not seem like it 343 is developing a new system and that takes time.

I think they’re only just now acknowledging this issue. The problem they were handling was, tmk, the separate progression system.

Just replying to add more:
Another thing that could be cool is if challenges could award you xp boosts or challenge swaps. I think for some of the more hard challenges this could help make them more worth it