A Talk on Armor Customization

Alright guys, let’s take a look at a fairly important aspect of Halo (nowadays at least): Armor customization. Since Halo 3, every successive Halo game has essentially doubled the amount of armor options available. Halo 3 had 7 full armor sets (Helmet, Chest, Shoulders) and 3 Helmets (+Elite Armor). Halo Reach had 19 semi-complete armor sets (some permutations only had a helmet and shoulders, helmet and chest, etc). Halo 4 had 43 full armor sets; yes, 43.

From a numbers standpoint, more is better in terms of customization, but from an aesthetics standpoint, there wasn’t much of a point to having 43 full armor sets. For many of the non-helmet options, such as the legs, the differences between several armor permutations were hardly discernible. So logically, the amount of full armor sets should be trimmed down to a more reasonable number of unique options.

Halo 3’s 7 full sets of armor were entirely unique, and so were the 3 additional helmets. However, that’s a pretty small number of options, so it was bumped up to the 19 semi-complete sets of Halo Reach, all of which were fairly unique. I propose that we take a hybrid of the Halo 3 and Reach routes for Halo 5’s customization.

We could easily drop a couple of Halo 4’s leg and chest permutations with little effect on angering the lovers of those armors because they’re so similar. Why not trim down the number of full armor sets to a reasonable amount and make them all unique? We could always add non-set armor pieces like knee guards and standalone helmets like Halo 3 and Reach, as long as the uniqueness is maintained. I don’t understand 343i’s reasoning behind cluttering the armor customization options with near repeats.

Halo 3, and to an extent, Halo Reach (in terms of body parts to customize) had armor customization right. Have a reasonable amount of completely unique full armor sets, and then have additional unique armor pieces such as helmets, knee guards, and shoulders apart from the main sets.

Tldr - Trim down the number of full armor sets in favor of a smaller number of unique sets with standalone additional pieces.