A Talk About Critism

I’ve been coming to the forums for a while now and everytime I visit I see the same thing. I see forums that are critical of 343 or of H5 and everytime I see people come into the forum and bash the op for their criticism of 343 or their creation. As a community, why do we do this or even allow it to happen? Shouldn’t all voices be heard in our great community that has a passion for Halo?

Unfortunately us humans will always focus on the negative, Halo 5 for all its faults adds a lot to the universe and is what I believe a crucial step to allow Halo to become better in the future.

Gameplay-wise, similar to Destiny, they’ve made a jump of which I would call progress.
However, leaving behind critical, mainstay features of the series should not be justifiable in any way shape or form.
I personally don’t mind losing split-screen, but I understand how game-defining it was.
Losing stuff such as the most basic of gametypes such as King of the Hill, Oddball, Assault, Infection or Race is downright criminal as custom games are truly the only longevity that Halo’s ever had and no amount of tryhards can disprove otherwise.

Instead of just leaving it at free maps, they foolishly believed that custom games were detrimental to the stability of this already heavily fragmented community and so left out huge chunks of it so the newcomers would be more focused on the few playlists in vain hopes that ‘new (totally not returning) additions’ would be cause for them to come back. It didn’t work for Titanfall and it won’t start working now.