A suggestion that could revive Halo Infinite?

I know there is some people out there that think Battle Royale is the way to save Infinite. But I disagree and propose something else.
The reason I am against Halo having Battle Royale is because I can not see Halo coming close to competing with Warzone, Apex or Fortnite. Halo’s gameplay is something that can’t really be fine tuned for something like that unless it made drastic changes that make it fall in line with Call of Duty. At that point you’re taking away Halo DNA to chase an old trend in a market that is already saturated with choices that are guaranteed to be better than what Halo could achieve. There would also be many fans unhappy with the changes required to focus on Battle Royale gameplay.

My Proposal
Have you ever heard of Planetside 2?
It’s a multiplayer game that has 3 factions of players all fighting for territory on a massive map, you have many vehicles to use along with bases that have turrets and fortifications for defence. It was honestly great fun when I used to play it and I always thought that it would be epic if it were Halo themed and had AI.

Here’s where Halo Infinite comes in!
The building blocks for a grand scale Halo conquest game mode similar to Planetside 2 is already here! And unlike Planetside 2, Infinite has AI that can really help spice things up!

Infinite has:

  • A large map with many stronghold locations and bases in the campaign.

  • Many vehicles in different classes to use such as scout vehicles (mongoose, razorback), light attack vehicles (warthog, ghost, chopper), tanks (wraith, scorpion), attack aircraft (banshee, wasp) and dropships for transport (phantom, pelican). There’s also the potential to add legacy vehicles to the mix such as the Hornet, AA Wraith and Prowler from Halo 3, the Spectre and Shadow from Halo 2, the Falcon and Spirit from Reach etc.

  • A large sandbox with fun/unique weapons and equipment with plenty of room for legacy inclusions later on such as the silenced SMG from ODST for stealth and Plasma Launcher or even Target Locator from Reach.

  • AI that can be utilised to patrol captured bases and areas around it.

  • AI that can use vehicles and potentially support players in attacks. Air support for example!

  • An interactive map screen that allows for waypoints and shows base locations. It could be modified to select a spawn location at a friendly base, warn friendlies about enemy positions and maybe even call for backup or AI support!

Seriously! How cool would it be to have the whole Halo arsenal on a massive map that is thriving with AI, and players fighting to control the land, people flying dropships around full of other players and AI troops to support an assault, AI manned AA turrets trying to prevent a reinforcement drop, someone scouting around on a Mongoose with a sniper relaying enemy locations to the map screen and warning about incoming enemy assaults! Throw in a squad system as well and you have the basis of an amazing, fresh new experience to Halo.

It would give us an excellent excuse to have playable Elites and or Brutes for the opposing faction based on the Banished! It would also benefit heavily from the addition of a comms system that allows players to talk to just their squad or their entire team along with proximity chat which if you’re not careful could give away plans to an eavesdropping enemy player.

I honestly think this style of game mode is the perfect way to compliment the Halo sandbox, I’ve seen Halo as something that should be grand in scale from as far back as the Halo 2 era, we’ve never been closer to having this be a reality and Infinite could well be the stepping stone that can launch a completely new experience for the franchise.

Let’s face it, this is something that Halo NEEDS for it to stand out.
If Infinite continues to focus on competitive multiplayer it will continue to fail as it has already.
Call of Duty beat Halo out on competitive gameplay over a decade ago, frankly that’s never going to change. Halo was originally designed as a party game intended to be fun and bring people together, the fact that people played it competitively as well during the Bungie era was a happy side effect of having a well made and fun game to begin with.

Anyway… If multiplayer carnage spanning over a large map with AI and some people playing as Elites within the Banished doesn’t sound like fun to you there may be something wrong…

Please hear my suggestion for a better Halo 343i. Show the community that you know how to have FUN by adding something like this!

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I think this would be amazing!

Sadly, I have some doubts that they could get any of this work on the open world map… considering they couldn’t really even get two people to work in co-op in the 9 months since the game launched.

I would love to see something more along the line of Battlefield, intense, canon-based combat (which are not meant to be a “simulation,” in which half of the players are elites or brutes and the other half are spartans, and there is a range of marines and jackals and grunts etc. running about as well.

Would love to see something like your idea though. I agree that a BR is a waste of resources, it isn’t going to bring that many players (many of the player-base are uninterested, based on these forums,) and it isn’t going to pull people away from everything else.

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Ya i want them to take those warfare docs from halo 2band iterate there. Warzone was a poor analogue to warfare and firefight imo.

And its pretty widely agreed CA is on a halo BR in some shape or form. Which honestly im interested to see just cause I like max hobbermans prior work.
Doom 2016 had some neat concepts id like to see iterated on in halos mechanics.

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