A suggestion per say

Now unlike most of the community I am among the handful who are grateful for the free updates regardless of whether or not they should have been in game to start with but I just want to make a suggestion to you 343i even if this only gets read by the community and not a single employee.

Anyways now again I like these free updates but I think if anything it would be nice to get an update like from the old days where you would get 3-4 new maps to add more variety and fun to the game. When an update gives just one map then it becomes stale after a few days whereas the multiple maps last for a month or so. Granted that for BTB we get 4 (i believe 8 as of now) maps although they are forged I spend most of my time there other than Warzone Assault since there’s more of a variety to play on.

Just for one update alone I think it may please some of the community if you left out reqs to obtain and gave us a decent sized update with nothing but maps. Like if anything 4 new maps, 2 revamped maps, 3 forged maps all in one go. Still waiting on that one map to return, it should have been fixed by at least a month ago.

On a tiny last note my very first match of griffball when that dlc dropped my first reaction was to the scenery of Avalanche around it (got slaughtered because of that) but to my surprise it wasn’t a map to play on in BTB.