A suggestion on earning credits in Infinite

A suggestion on how to earn credits for the Store:

By playing a match, you should get credits based on this calculation: (Number of points you’ve earned in the match / (Number of players on your team, if you won the match) or (Number of players in the match if you’ve lost).
For example, a player who won a match and had 2400 points would get 600 credits while if that player lost he would get 300 credits

While that sounds like a good idea for players, I can’t see something like that happening. Considering the battle passes are $10 and store prices can range from $7-20, players could easily not have to pay for anything in the game, which would in turn hurt their revenue. If they were to do something like that, I’d imagine the payout would be way smaller or exclusive to those who have the current battle pass. I agree that we should have a way to earn some credits, but I doubt that if it happens we’ll be given that much.