A suggestion/idea

My favorite energy shield warning/recharge sound has to be from the Halo 5 Beta (the final version sounded different and I didn’t like it as much). With that being said, a suggestion for Halo Infinite would be allowing the user to change the energy shield warning/recharge sounds. Some may want a classic (Halo 1/2) sound, or from other games. I hope this idea gets implemented.

Never thought of that, cool idea. I’d probably put on the H2 one.

Great idea! While I’ve never really paid attention to shield sounds I always think the more options the better.

This is genuinely a cool tiny customization option I have never seen mentioned before. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever paid close enough attention to the recharge sound to notice that big of a difference aside from Halo 1’s being much longer than the later games.

Good idea!

If it isn’t too much I’d like to stem off on that and think each helmet should have a unique HUD, that could either be generally default like they have been for multiplayer across the Halo titles, or chosen to be unique to the specific helmet like when in Halo 4 and 5’s campaign. (Color slider anyone?) Little quality of life things that I don’t think need prioritization but would be welcomed even as post-launch content.