A suggestion for improving AI/bot players in multiplayer

So I had a game with a marine difficulty bot join, to fill in the space a real player left when quitting. The bot didn’t get a single kill, and died 13 times at least. It was basically free kills for the enemy team, we might’ve won without it.

I’m sure improving the bot difficulty has already been considered, I hope it’ll happen, but that’s not what I want to suggest. My idea for how to fix their poor performance? Give bots in multiplayer an option to trade weapons with real players, just like actual marines in the older games. I’m assuming Infinite will already feature that in the campaign too, because most Halo games had this.

For example, the marine difficulty bot on your team takes a rocket launcher, what do you do? You could run up to it, and have the option to trade your weapon for the rocket launcher. This could also be done for the flag or oddball gametypes, so you can take the flag from the bot to deliver yourself.

It should be this way for two reasons, one, to let players on the team to pull up the slack of a weak bot, and two, to let the players have the fun. Bots are only there to let us have fun, they won’t feel bad for not getting to use the rocket launcher. A real player who isn’t very good still deserves the opportunity to carry the flag or rocket launcher themselves, but a bot won’t miss it.

Maybe an additional improvement could be making the bots follow their teammates, so they could better give support. In short, bots aren’t currently skilled enough to replace a player, so they shouldn’t entirely. Instead, make them follow us as backup, a diversion, or give real players on the bot’s team an option to take a weapon, ball, or flag from it.

A bot doesn’t need to have fun, it just needs to make the game fun for everyone else. So if we want to take their weapon, we should be able to. Anyway, that’s my idea. This way, bot skill can stay the way it is, it would just be changed to be less “independent” and not make players get mad whenever their bot teammate takes the ball or power weapon.

One of the content creators with early access to Campaign, handed his marine bot a Rocket Launcher and he betrayed nearly his entire team after shooting a nearby tree. :rofl:

Anyway, I believe the bots should interact the same way or close to a human player. Then, their difficulty should be based on the current state of the game. Like if the team with the bot is getting blown out, the bot should perform like a pro. And, it can be dynamic and changes during the course of a game.

I agree. I think a bot with dynamic levels of skill would be best, to make it fair for both teams.

But if we can’t have that, I think this would be the next best thing. The bot would still be a noob, but it would be a noob that’s willing to hand you the flag, at least. My friend who almost never even played Halo at all still did better on his first online match than the bot on my team did. Doesn’t exactly look good on the AI for a new player to be better lol.

More skill makes sense as a solution, but I imagine there’s some reason that hasn’t already happened, whatever it may be.