A Suggestion For How to Further Improve the Battle Pass for Free Players

…would be to restructure the Battle Pass rewards so that free players are able to get a reward for every single tier on the Battle Pass, whilst still giving Premium Battle Pass owners their respective rewards. Currently, players who do not purchase a Premium Pass are forced to progress through all the Battle Pass whilst only actually being rewarded every few tiers or so. Meanwhile, the Premium Pass owners get a cosmetic reward practically every tier. This makes completing the Battle Pass as a free player feel more like a chore instead of providing a decent sense of progression.

What I’m suggesting then, is to include a free reward in every tier of the Battle Pass. I understand most of the actual cosmetics need to go to Premium Pass owner, which is fine, they did after all pay for the cosmetics they’re given in return. A suggestion would be including an XP boost in every tier there’s no free cosmetic reward would help alleviate free players being left dry of rewards. The game’s current progression as it stands now is incredibly limited, and leaving free players constricted to being rewarded to a lesser extent than their paying peers in what is presently the only form of progression in the game is an incredibly underwhelming sensation.

Destiny 2, for example, has free seasonal rewards for every level achieved whilst also providing additional rewards for those who purchased the season pass. This means even players playing for free are rewarded for each level/tier they complete, encouraging further progression for everyone.

I’d like to hear the community’s thoughts on this and any other suggestions you might have, and hopefully someone on the development end can see this and also consider working towards a more rewarding system for everyone. After all, the players who choose to play the game should be rewarded to the same extent as those who engage with the game monetarily, as both are support the game by playing and by paying.

EDIT: Upon learning that in order to continue progress on Battle Passes from previous seasons you are required to purchase the Premium Pass, my most CRUCIAL suggestion as to how to improve the Battle Pass system would be to let free players continue earning the free rewards from past seasons. It’s astounding and appalling that this isn’t the case already.


Pretty sure something pretty close is in S2’s BP.

I actually think it is pretty good as it is now. They need to make the paid battle pass as enticing as possible in order to get people to buy it. Yes it can seem a little grindy, but that’s fine they want to reward the people who are actually paying money. Im a free player btw

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Personally? I think they should take a look at how Sea of Thieves does it.

I’m some one who can’t always finish a battle pass for the games I play, and I don’t always have the funds to buy every battle pass, I always HATE the fact that if there is something in a battle pass that I like and I don’t finish the battle pass I can never work towards it to try and get it, I thought halo infinite would change that and allow me to go back and work for that item, but I was wrong. YOU HAVE TO BUY THE PREMIUM BATTLE PASS TO BE ABLE TO GO BACK AND FINISH THE OLD BATTLE PASS TO GET THE ITEMS YOU WANT, ESPECIALLY THE ITEMS THAT WERE PART OF THE FREE BATTLE PASS. THIS IS THE REASON I CARE LESS ABOUT HALO’S BATTLE PASS. I thought halo would change things, and I could finally enjoy progressing through the battle pass at my own pace, this has left a sour taste for halo’s battle pass, I whish they change it to at least let all player go back and get the free items in the old battle pass.

I suggest making it so that any item in the battle pass or season that is free for all players should be attainable even after that season or battle pass is over. This would create a continuous progression in the game for all players, knowing that a free item from an upcoming season and battle pass or past season and battle pass can be attained in some way through playing the game. I also think this would retain more players because many players would have more thing to progress towards.

Not being able to get an item that’s free in the battle pass or season that has expired is a big and real reason why many players don’t care about battle pass or seasonal content. They know that they don’t have the time and or funds to buy or to finish a battle pass and the seasonal content to get the item they do like, so they stop caring about the battle pass and the seasonal content.

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I was extremely disappointed to learn that in order for free players to continue a Battle Pass from a previous season, they’d have to shell out the $10 for it. It’s a huge slap in the face.

Is the season 2 battle pass essentially free? There are 10 100cr blocks in the pass and it costs 1000cr. Can I pay for the battle pass near the end and still get all the 100cr blocks I’ve already played past?

Yes. You’ll unlock everything that you’ve already ‘unlocked’.

we need another BP with items sold during season 1, keeping the most expensive ones like exclusives and the option of selling repeated items. this is to avoid troubles with people who spent money on the items that could be gained in a new BP.