A suggestion for a map.

No, I do not necessarily want this to be about Halo 4’s maps as I realize that there is to little time to implement something, but just wondering about your views. Would you guys like to have a Hospital sort of map in Halo? My friend and I were talking and they said that there should be one because there are many obstacles and many other games have a map like that. I’m sort of iffy because I don’t see why or where a hospital would be in Halo. What do you guys think?

Hospital map, eh? Dibs on the Biofoam!

But seriously, that might actually make a good map. It’s unique and interesting setting; one that has no been utilized in Halo game before. Hopefully, if it were ever implemented in a Halo game, 343i would take great care when designing its layout. I don’t want any facility resembling Sword Base. Just thinking about that map puts a bad taste in my mouth.