A suggestion for a change to the cR / XP systems

(Before you read this, remember I am not a genius or whatever, and if you have a better idea than these, please post it so that 343 can see what everyone supports and wants to see)

So the worst parts about the challenges in my opinion are that there are not that many weekly challenges to do, they don’t give you enough xp, and you cannot level all of them up at once. When I get challenges that say “Complete a strogholds mode” or whatever that are active, but have an inactive one that says to do CTF or something, and the randomly selected game mode is CTF it is so frustrating. If every challenge is always active and if there were more of them to do (Like in MCC), this would feel much more fair. If we can’t deselect and select what game mode we want to play, maybe don’t have game mode specific challenges that we can’t access. Also, I think more xp should be handed out based on game performance and skill rather than completion of the same daily challenge.

And for cR, I believe that they should definitely be available through gameplay. For instance, if you got about 10-25 cR per game you played then it would take 100+ games to afford the premium battle pass or bundle. It would still be a lot of time spent on the game, so if you are not willing to play that much, then you can still buy it, but the option is there for both kinds of people. This could even be done in other ways, for instance, each week, let specific game modes reward extra cR for completion, then when the weekly challenges refresh, a new game mode can be chosen. This would require the option to select specific modes rather than general game types but still it could even incentivize players to try out other modes. Or, the cR system could go back to Halo Reach’s system where cR was given out based on performance.

If you have any other ideas on how 343 can fix these systems, please feel free to comment or make a post of your own

I love Infinite so far and I have been with the series ever since I could hold a controller. That’s why it hurts to see absurd micro transactions and paywalls for just simple customization that the other games just didn’t stand for. Hopefully, the community and 343 can unite to improve Infinite and push it to the level of the great Halo’s of old. But it is our job in the community to point them in the best possible direction.