A struggle with a forge scripting, any help?

So I’m not really that great with forging but I always wanted to do a script that you find in puzzles, where you have to get multiple items to be able to trigger something.

What I’m trying to do is that I put 3 hidden buttons on my map that will make a teleporter come up, my issue is that i want all 3 buttons press before the teleporter spawns but instead, i press just one and it spawns.

I tried finding some examples but haven’t really got any ideas how to deal with it.

Any help please?

What you could do is have the players find each button one at a time. They would find a button, click it, and another would spawn. The final one would trigger the teleporter. I know it kind of ruins the whole three buttons must be pressed concept but it is an easy solution.

what you could do is have two layers of gates around the teleporter, so one button removes the first door, one removes the 2nd, and one spawns the teleporter. Though it looks different, it’s still effectively making you press all three buttons in any order before the teleporter can be used.