A story about Project Orion (SPARTAN-I program)

After reading silent storm there was an interesting discussion about the first spartan program known as project orion.

I think it would be a good story to tell. A time before the covenant and the SPARTAN-IIs. And another good Avery Johnson story and mabey even a prototype spartan fireteam Not saying a game but a novel, comic or a audio series.


Yeah I would love a book that dives in detail about the orion project. And how the different attempts went etc.
Definitely a good idea. If there was an announcement confirming an upcoming books like that, I’d count the days until the release.

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Oh 100% would be a great story, we could have a few protagonists possible. We could see Johnson of course but also there is other options such as Gladys Wilson and the minor characters of Gilly and Morales, but the character who I think would be the most interesting would be James Lee aka James James, It is implied James wasn’t all right in the head so he could be a protagonist who isn’t entirely reliable and would still give wiggle room for future authors if they wanted to use the Orion Project, plus with James James you could get an epilogue section based around the point in “i love bees” where Jannissary James is being sought after by a member of the Spartan II Class II recruiters and would likely snap and accidentally kill them and escape capture beginning the story of Jannisary James beyond I love Bees which could also launch other stories that I love Bees started but no author had touched since because of the fact that its hard to get all the audio files of the ARG to listen too because of the fact its like 20 years old.