A store for everyone

As it stands the store in Infinite promotes goes against 343’s words on FOMO and is far too expensive and “exclusive”.

Many have suggested this but have a unified full storefront. Have players be able to buy any bundle or set they want whenever. Split into sections:
• Large Armour Bundle (the weekly armour sets we see)
• Small Armour Bundle
• Coatings
• Event items (released during an event, remain permanently, whenever the event appears the items are at a reduced price)

Then with weekly or daily featured items 343 can rotate in the respective set at a 25-50% discount. Then 343 can have the 2000 credits for an armour set and we can have it at 1500 or 1000 credits so long as we don’t miss the featured week. If it is missed, you’ll have to purchase it at normal price.