A spur of the moment weapon idea.

I was thinking of a weapon that would fit into the halo universe, although this late into the halo-mythology it’d be hard to find a place for this, but anyway.

I was thinking of a weapon that would fit into the “power” catagory. The weapon would be a fusion of the Shotgun and Battle Rifle (I know, weird).

What this weapon would do, instead of being a normal Shotgun, it’d be a “burst-fire” Shotgun. What this means, is that instead of shooting pallets into a wide arch, why not make it shoot out in bursts, (with a massive kick-back afterwards)and would need to be pumped before shooting again.

The pallets would fire in a much smaller, more accurate pattern, and would work to be a very formidable weapon, but won’t fire out the 12-15 pallet, it’d shoot a small number of pallets out at once.

So…A Pump-action Battle-Rifle basically, hmm…Don’t take it seriously, I was just pondering on this. I would love a gun that’s very interactive to use.

Thoughts? I’m not being a troll, it may just be a stupid idea…but as I’ve mention, it’s only a spur of the moment.

I don’t know. It could work. But I think it is late to it to Halo 4. Maybe in Halo 5. :slight_smile: But who knows…

Sounds like fun idea for -Yoink!- people off in custom games and action sack :slight_smile: