A specialization code for a fellow Halo fan?

I’ve played every Halo since Halo 3, and I love the games immensely, but this specialization code debacle has me really upset. I preordered the game and played it online before November 20th. (I go to college 500 miles away from home and can’t connect to Xbox Live at school. I flew home on November 19th and played my first matchmaking match at 11:00 pm EST, so I should qualify, even if only by one hour.) I patiently waited for my code when they were giving them out but never received it.

I had hope when bs angel said that everyone would be given the code during “early, early” 2012. It’s “early, early” 2012 to me, and I still haven’t received my code. I just hit level 70 and I’m dying to get to use some new specializations. If any kind soul out there could generously help me out, I’d love you forever (I could trade some double XP or Xbox Live trials too). Thanks!

tl;dr I’m a Halo fan, and I’m level 70. I didn’t get my specialization code and I really need one. Could you give me one?

You can PM me; it’s open to anyone.