A Spartan Ops Consideration

I love Spartan Ops. There’s just one problem:

The only thing they need to do with Spartan Ops is make it available offline.

In order to play Spartan Ops with me, my Fiance has to sign in as a guest and therefore can’t use her spartan, earn any commendations, or armor, or rank up, or anything. She only ever plays co-op Halo with me and doesn’t like Matchmaking (she doesn’t really care for video games, but she loves Halo … she literally only plays Halo) so she obviously has no need for a gold account.

The game was $60, my gold account was $60, and I’m not forking over another $60 just so we both can fully enjoy the game we already spent $120 on (and yes, I renewed my gold account just for Halo 4 and I have no regrets). I think the game has been out long enough that no one is going to “Go Gold” just for Spartan Ops, so I doubt they’ll lose money if it goes offline.

Also, years down the road when there are no longer servers for the 360, nobody will be able to play it, and it contains crucial story elements (you can’t even watch the movies offline). Then what?

In Reach, if you didn’t have a gold account, you could still rank up your Spartan and earn cR via Firefight to get cool armor and whatnot … which was nice, because at the time, I couldn’t always afford to keep my internet on. But in Halo 4, if you don’t have a gold account, your Spartan is stuck.

Honestly, that’s my one big gripe about Halo 4. I am a staunch defender of the game. It’s my 2nd favorite next to Combat Evolved (they may even be tied for 1st). Just make Spartan Ops available offline.

Fortunately, my Xbox One allows my fiance to use my gold account. But unfortunately, there is no Halo on Xbox One right now.

That would be GREAT.

Yeah, I totally agree with you on this. It would be great if this were to be done. :slight_smile:

I agree to because i cant pay for Gold and the game is cool with it but without its not good.