A small request for when custom games eventually get fixed

Ok so we’ve all talked about how broken custom games are so let’s skip that part, what I’m here to ask is for 2 very specific settings for custom games:

No weapons (Slappers only)

Random (Classic Fiesta)

I know Fiesta exists as a game type but random weapon settings for modes like Grifball, Infection, and pretty much any other mode completely redefine how that mode plays and it’s great for custom games. I’m not saying get rid of the game type but rather add in a random setting for weapons so that we can play fiesta in ANY game mode and not just slayer or CTF. I miss Fiesta Infection.

As for the no weapons, pretty self explanatory. We’ve seen Infinites Spartans can melee without weapons so I’d like to try and turn this into either a slayer variant or new mini-game. Would actually work really well as a spider-man mode with unlimited grapple shots.

Well those are my thoughts, hopefully at least one of these happens down the road.


You won’t need specific custom options.

You can simply script them in Forge.

Simply use the On Spawn event to grab the player’s context and give them a random weapon.

I’m going to play around with different groups of weapons. Define lists of weapons at the beginning of the game and then pick one of those at random (there is literally a choose random item(s) from list node).

  1. Close quarter Fiesta; just shotguns, manglers, hammers, etc.

  2. Handicapped Fiesta; different tiers of weapons depending on your current KD. So the struggling players get the better weapons.

  3. Progressive Fiesta; three rounds. First round = normal weapons. Second round = close quarters weapons. Third round = sniper types.

If you can’t be bothered scripting your own - there will be bucket loads to find in the File Search.

Or I would be happy to help you script your own custom version.

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People don’t want to have to script forge every single time.
That’d be loading up the map.
Doing all of the scripting.
Saving the map and returning to the menu.
Then doing the game settings.

It’d be easier just to do the game settings.
Making everything required to be done in Forge is a step backwards in a sense to that. You’d need multiple variants of the same map to play different game types on the same map.


I agree, but I also kind of like the idea of scripting. But I still want the HALO way of doing it, via custom game settings. I’m so tired of custom games getting left in the dust every new title to come out since 5.


What they really need is the ability to attach a script brain to your game type. So when you select “My Custom Fiesta” it’s already there - for whatever map you are about to select.

I agree that having to drop and save it to every map you want to use is tedious. There are a lot of scripts that aren’t map specific.

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I still think it should be a custom setting first, for the people who either can’t Forge well, or just don’t care for forging their own maps. I like the idea of scripting but accessability is FAR better and custom game settings are, or were, the most accessable part of Halo.


You know you can save scripts right?

Yes, but as stated above, you would need to do this for every map. Why not just have a simple setting in customs, and do it once?

Also, why should it be up to the players to script gametypes that have been a part of Halo for years? 343 showed a video of them scripting, Juggernaut. Why would this just not be a gametype we can select in the options?

I think the key here is that a basic custom option will have limited use.

It may get a bit of use early.

But then there will be so many scripted versions that are better or more interesting - nobody will be using the vanilla option.

I’m already thinking that Fiesta will work better if you have two different groups of weapons for primary and secondary weapons. Just to guarantee more interesting spawn combinations.

Like someone said above, scripting would require multiple of he same map, custom games do not. It’s basically better overall as a custom games option, but should also be doable for scripting. I don’t know why this community is hell bent on doing things only one way and not multiple ways.