A small issue with Spire

So today I wanted to make an Infection map on Spire which seems like a good Variant to play it on, but it wouldn’t allow me to use Infection. I tried putting in Respawn Points for an Infection Game Type but it still wouldn’t let me have Infection. Any help would be much appreciated.


Are you forging in Infection mode?

Yeah, you have to load it up in the “Infection” gametype from the Forge lobby.

I do chose the Infection Mode beofre editing but then it can’t be compatible with Spire when I save it afterwards.

I believe there is a pinned topic on B.net for this type of thing. “Required Objects” or something.

Do you have safe havens placed? You need to have them on the map, even if the gametype doesn’t use them.

I think it won’t work because spire was made for invasion, not infection…