A small fix that would go a long way

I think a small improvement that can do a lot of good for Halo Infinite would be to reduce some challenge restrictions when it comes to game modes. For example, right now if you have a challenge for Team Slayer, you must complete that challenge specifically in the Team Slayer playlist even if Team Slayer is available in Quick Play or Big Team Battle.

If 343 changed this to be broadened across the full suite of playlists and allow you to work towards these challenges across multiple playlists that support them, it would do a lot to ensure that people can play more of the playlists they like while still progressing towards something.

What are your thoughts on the subject?


I agree entirely. For instance, right now, I have a “complete 3 rumble pit matches” challenge, but I hate rumble pit. If it was just FFA, I could complete it playing ranked, which I was doing all night.

Exactly my point. I think a lot of people would play more if this was the case. I definitely would.

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