a small complaint/observation about the Mark 6

The infinity multiplayer version, not the campaign.

there is a lot of inconsistent photos of it in the game vs the armor you wear. It’s the boots, remember how it looked in Halo 4? It was the heel, top cover and toe cover in 3 seperate pieces. It’s like that in all the assassination cards as well, the Halo 4 version of the model in high definition. If I’m not mistaken even some of the captured gameplay images have this model while in the menus.

However the character model clearly has a boot that clovers the entire back of the foot, making a lot less room for flexibility and less fluid look to the armor, it sort of Derp looking to me I guess, it breaks the flow of the leg pieces. Anyway I thought it was odd.

Does tes this mean they changed the model or is there another version of the Mark VI we have to unlock passed the 3 versions in game now, the gen 1 scared, gen 1 regular, and Mark VI PRIMUS.