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I am a SR-129 looking for a clan.
But,I do have a few requirements of my own.
These include,but are not limited to.

*You have to be online when I message you.If you’re offline I won’t join…I wait around for no man.

*I would prefer if you were to be in GMT timezone.However,I will join your clan if your timezone is between Central and GMT then there is no problem.

*The clan needs to be active.If it is some boring clan where nobody comes online ad when they are online,they do nothing…then I will leave.

*If you do have a website,be sure it doesn’t look horrible.A clans website is its handshake…and I have often turned down clan invites if there is a website that is sloppy and aesthetically poor.An organized site shows organization(obviously) and commitment to the clan so that it won’t disband any time soon.

And those are my conditions,not too demanding.It basically fits the average person.

Here are some additional notes

*I take 3 days to make up my mind about a clan.If I’m entertained I will join.And if it is a clan that’s one big funeral,I’ll go

*If you’re a clan that’s at war and actively battles/raids,I will adjust almost immediately w/o having to do the 3 day thing where I make up my mind.

*To avoid a big mess,if I do leave…I remove everyone and never tell them I have left.Trust me,it’s better that way.

*If I am prompted to say any of the following words
<And any other number that starts with 3>

I will leave,I find it annoying and rude(…Arctic)

Despite these little conditions and notes(especially the nit picking about the website)I assure you, I am not a 12 year old “I’m a soldier/leader/politician/organizer in real life” weirdo.

Although this little post does seem a bit over the top and frankly will put people off recruiting me,I’m a nice guy.Just ask the other people who I was i their clan with(except for the ones I was kicked out of)
By nice I mean humorous and good.Although I can be sarcastic and will mock and belittle serious leaders who are “a 12 year old I’m a soldier/leader/politician/organizer in real life”

Such Pansys include

That list probably doesn’t help the point I’m trying to make.

Righty then,I’m finshed

My Gamertag is Astrosioth(AstroSloth) and you can reply to this(again…obviously)
and I will get back to you if I see that you’re fit.

Again…I’m not a well how do i say…end -Yoink!- of the large intestine
or I can say -Yoink-

That’s a lot to ask. Those are good requirements though.