A sketch -up of a map area Ineed feedback


Hi in this sketch-up I want to create a small to medium size maybe 2v2 map

Any feedback would be appreciated.

If 343 happens to actually read this please advise me what program I could use on my computer other to make it and transfer it to the xbox later. (Ive used software such as Cad before, 3ds Max, and for the old school quake 1 qoolie) Forge is just too limited and doesn’t seem to work properly.


heres a updated cleaned up version more robust using my photoshop skillz

Simply there will be a tunnel system from the trench to the new side area bases.
The side area bases will allow for movement to the top light center area.
The two doorway looking holes at the end of each base will allow for travel from first floor to 2nd floor.

Map Sorrow will support 2v2 or 4v4.

Please comment.