A simple way to fix the DLC issue...

Would be a short and sweet Title Update rendering the map pack incompatible.
Then release a new, compatible map pack and put it on the marketplace the right way for a change.

Honestly, they should’ve tested these kinds of things WAY before they even considered selling Wargames Map Passes…

EDIT: Another way to fix the problem would be to release another map pack, that would be paid, and having Crimson be free. This way, people who paid for a map pass or LE will still get their promised 3 map packs.

I’m sure they’ve got some prototype maps lying around that “weren’t good” enough. A simple redesign or remake map pack would do, too.

I’d take a TU fixing items that are broke, then fixing something small and insignificant.

Did you profit from the “mistake” by any chance by downloading Crimson map pack for free?

I like the idea of remakes being released, Guardian, The Pit, Ivory Tower, Narrows (maybe, it’s ok imo), Zanzibar (aka Last Resort) would be maps that I agree with, feel free to tell me if I am missing some good H3 maps.