A simple reason why the XP cap should go...

From what I heard the cap was put in Reach to stop boosters. Well yes it worked but do boosters really affect people doing what they do?


By putting a XP cap in place to stop them you are actually making boosters cause people problems. I will probaly never reach the XP cap ever but that is besides the point. Bunige and 343 have took something that doesn’t affect people and forced it to affect people.

Apart from that perfect game 343i thanks.

Bungie has nothing to do with Halo anymore…
In some ways with this release, I think that is quite unfortunate.

The XP cap was first introduced by Bungie in Reach, and 343 have decided not to take it out, one of the very few bad things about this game.

Now that the levels actually affect gameplay, an XP cap is an absolute necessity.